ExMP Masterclass: Marketing

08 mai 2017


The second masterclass of ExMP 2017 is "Marketing" with Gilles Antoine, General Manager of L'Oreal Romania.

During 1.5 hours, the participants will assist to a presentation of approximately 1 hour, followed by a Q&A session. The objective is that participants get an insight of the local experience and applicability of the Marketing concepts detailed during the ExMP Marketing module.

“Gilles Antoine is a highly experienced executive and starting 2012, he is acting as Managing Director at L’Oreal in Romania. 

Gilles began his career in 1990 in a very entrepreneurial way since he opened the subsidiary of a French company in North America; he then joined L’Oreal France in the sales area in 1994. His professional path includes diverse countries and cultures, such as Mexico (Sales Development Manager), Brazil (South America Sales Manager), and Venezuela (General Manager). In 2009, Gilles returned to France and has taken over the Deputy General Manager role in Latin America for the Consumer Products Division.”

Laguage: English

Date and place: 8th of May 2017, 18h00 at CCIFER (Calea Floreasca 240B, 3rd floor, Bucharest).

Contact us at formari[a]ccifer.ro for more details.


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