Call for proposals "Professional Romania - Competitive Enterprises" - for large companies

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The Ministry of European Funds has launched the second call for proposals "Professional Romania - Competitive Enterprises" through which LARGE companies can finance their training for managers and HR personnel.

The projects can be submitted in the period: 30 July – 31st of October 2018.

The tender is dedicated to the improvement of LARGE enterprises’ management and human resources management through: training, coaching, seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, etc.

Total call allocation: 14,378 mil. euro

Maximum eligible project value: 500.000 euro, of which: 50% non refundable (or maximum 60% if the training is addressed to disabled or disadvantaged employees) but not more than 250.000 euro.

Project implementation: maximum 12 months;

Eligible applicants:

Employers (large enterprises): 

from economically competitive sectors identified by Romania’s National Competitive Strategy: tourism/ ecotourism, textiles/ leather, wood/ furniture, automotive and components for automotive, IT and communications, beverage/ food processing, energy/ environment, health/ pharmaceutical, bio-economics/ bio-pharmaceuticals/ bio-technologies, creative industries

Employers may have their headquarter in any development region of Romania (including Bucharest-Ilfov), as long as the projects are implemented in the territory of a less developed region of Romania (at headquarter / place of business / agency / branch / subsidiary of the applicant).

Employees that can be targeted by the project (target group):  

management & leadership positions;

human resources departments staff;

Persons from the target group must have their work place located in one of the less developed regions of Romania (outside Bucharest-Ilfov).

Minimum target group: 50 persons;

Nos événements

Nos partenaires

    • Air France
    • Apa Nova Bucuresti
    • Apex
    • Arta Grafica
    • BNP Leasing
    • BNP Paribas
    • BRD
    • Banca Transilvania
    • Bertrandt
    • Bookster
    • COS
    • Carrefour
    • Cora
    • Credit Agricole
    • DPD
    • Docprocess
    • Egis
    • Engie
    • Finexpert
    • GSE
    • Gefco
    • Give
    • Gosselin
    • Groupama
    • Groupe Renault
    • Gruia Dufaut
    • H Grup
    • Holcim
    • Immochan
    • Imprimeria Arta Grafica
    • KPMG
    • Klarmedia
    • Mazars
    • Mercure
    • Michelin
    • Novotel
    • OMV Petrom
    • Orange
    • Plastimo
    • PwC
    • Samsic
    • Scame
    • Schoenherr
    • TIMAC
    • Telus
    • Total
    • Up Romania
    • Veolia Apa


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