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Meli Melo

Retail business and more

Meli Melo is known as a retail business, the first shop being launched in Bucharest over 20 years ago and growing during the years on the Romanian market and abroad. Besides the own shops, in the last year Meli Melo opened the franchise system nationally and also internationally, aiming to develop new cities in Romania and also new countries in Europe and Asia.

Besides the retail, there are 3 divisions separately developed, very dynamic and innovative, to fit the market demands and also the trends in the consumer behavior. Two divisions are dedicated to B2B clients, clients needing special attention and customized products, design, packaging and logistic services, according with their needs. The third division is the e-commerce department, now in a transformation process to a modern platform, multibrand, who will cover Romania and also other European countries.

The two B2B departments are supported by a dynamic and creative team, with long experience in the acquisition and creating solutions for Corporate clients, with competitive products and prices, through the Corporate and Distribution channels.

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