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Over 1,000 hours of therapy for children in Autism Voice centers, ensured after the charity event "Balul Bucuriei, editia a IV-a"

• The amount of 21,000 euros was collected by the organizers • The funds will be used for therapies and programs to support children and parents

Autism Voice, the association that supports children with autism in Romania for more than 11 years, managed to collect donations worth over 21,000 (21,752) euros, within the "Balul Bucuriei", 4th edition -a, charity event organized for the fourth consecutive year. The amount will turn into over 1000 hours of free therapy for children and young people in the two Autism Voice centers and free support programs for children and parents.

“We are more than happy with the fact that, every year, we manage to raise even more funds for autistic children in the care of the association, after the ball. This gives us hope and makes us want even more, to be even more determined in all the activities we organize to ensure the most therapies for children with autism spectrum disorders. We are glad that we have achieved the goal we set ourselves with the organization of the 4th edition. So, unlike previous years, from the funds raised this edition, we will provide 1040 hours of free therapy for the 20 children with autism social cases in our centers, we will be able to evaluate and diagnose 150 children free of charge and we will train 150 parents in the process of recovering children with autism ”, explained Anca Dumitrescu, president of Autism Voice.

The over 180 participants who attended the event enjoyed unique artistic moments. Feli delighted them with a lively, emotionally charged charity concert, and the children from the Nadia Comăneci Foundation and the choreographer Viviana German Potlog raised dozens of applause by the kindness of the dances they prepared for the Bucharest Ball.

The highlight of the evening was the collection wine auction supported by the international award-winning sommelier, Julia Scavo, and the President of the Romanian Sommelier Association, Florin Voica sommelier. The audience was more than fascinated to find out the wine-flavored stories of each particular assortment.

The evening ended with a charity raffle, after which the most lucky participants won the latest autographed publications from contemporary writers: Andrei Pleșu, Mircea Cărtărescu, Ioana Nicolaie, Gabriela Adameșteanu, Ana Blandiana, Stelian Tănase, Dan Lungu, Tia Șerbănescu and Gabriel Liiceanu. Balul Bucuriei is organized in partnership with the Bragadiru Palace and the Backstage Production Group.

The 4th edition of Balul Bucuriei was hosted by Mihaela Tatu and took place on September 17, at Bragadiru Palace.

The event was sponsored by: Schneider and Nei (Gold), Electronic Design & Consulting Group (Silver), Future Association for You, Gleeds and Ariston (Bronze).

The partners of Balul Bucuriei were: Maspex, Ioana Arsenie Trusted Advisor, DpD Romania, Leader Team Global Insurencer Broker, Blu Party, Teodora Ionașcu and Associations, Ramada, Bistro Dorobanți, Nadia Comăneci Foundation, Unikt Media, Aky DJ Music, Via Viticolă, Dance with Vivi, Nummo and the Flower House.

Wine auction partners: Domains Blaga, Foss Marai, Cotnari, Sâmburești, Segarcea, Urlati, Valahorum, Gitana, Jidvei, Lady Prosecco, 1000 faces, Via Viticolă, Davino, Crama Girboiu, Stirbey, Negrini and the Association of Sommeliers in Romania.

Media partners: Bucharest FM Radio, Itsy Bitsy,,, Debizz, Elite Business Woman, Forbes Kids,, NGO News, CSR Media, Business Mark, Patient Associations Community and British Romanian Chamber of Commerce .

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About Autism Voice

Autism Voice was established in 2008. It is the first association specialized in the recovery of children with autism who introduced in Romania the possibility of specialized ABA training of therapists, and today it is the only institution in Romania that offers continuous training courses accredited by BACB (Behavior Analyst) Certification Board).

Autism Voice has two therapy centers where children with autism spectrum disorders are helped to recover through ABA therapy. At the same time, the members of the association are co-organizers of the ABA International Conference in Bucharest, an internationally accredited event, starting in 2010.

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