Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei

Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României is a private, non-political initiative, gathering the most representative organizations for the business environment in Romania. It is constructed as a formal collaborative arrangement by its combined membership, all of which have good standing as organizations in Romania. Download Guideline

Goal -  The Coalition's main purpose is to provide a cohesive basis for consultation with the Government and other public institutions on topics that impact the business and economic climate in Romania. The Coalition has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government to this point. 

Coordination - The Coordination of the Coaliția is done by a Steering Committee composed of the representatives of The Businessmen’s Association of Romania (Asociația Oamenilor de Afaceri din România-AOAR), American Chamber of Commerce in Romania (Camera de Comerț Americană în România-AmCham), The French Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Romania (Camera de Comerț Franceză în România-CCIFER), The German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce  (Camera de Comerț și Industrie Româno-Germană-AHK Romania), Foreign Investors Council (Consiliul Investitorilor Străini-FIC) and Romanian Business Leaders (RBL).

Coordination - File

Membership - CDR is composed of 20 business associations and chambers of commerce, having at the same time 25 associated members.

Task Forces - To achieve its objectives, the Coalition for the Development of Romania has set up working groups that are linked to the economic agenda and a wider, cross-Ministries agenda. These task forces are coordinated by leading experts in their field of activity, and task force members are delegated by participating organizations from the top management level.

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CDR in 2018 

Standing coordination - Starting 1st  of July, CCIFER took over the coordination of the Coaliția through Adela Jansen, Human Ressources Director and representative of the executive board.



Coordinator: Adela Jansen

Secretariat: Denisa Bratu

FIC: office(@)

AmCham: amcham(@)

RBL: contact(@)

AOAR: aoar(@)

CCIFER: ccifer(@)

AHK: drahk(@)

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