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Climato Sfera

Who we are 

We are a multidisciplinary group of individuals from the research, entrepreneurial, and business sectors, who have united with the goal to facilitate the ecological transition in Romania. Through the Climato Sfera association, we implement projects which contribute to the awareness of climate change and promote concrete actions which focus on redefining our society into a sustainable one for people and our planet.


#Raising Awareness 


We help raise awareness of the ecological transition by organizing workshops that outline the effects of climate change and the need to develop concrete actions to redefine our society into a sustainable one. 


#Taking Action


We promote tangible actions with a positive impact on people and the planet. We are involved in sustainable projects that aid society and educate about climate change, solutions, and concrete actions.


#Providing Support


We assist anyone who wishes to implement a sustainable project. Our experts facilitate the identification and access to funds for relevant domains, thereby providing the necessary framework for the project’s success.


Plus d'actualités

Dana Gruia Dufaut

Dana Gruia Dufaut, fondatrice du cabinet d'avocats Gruia Dufaut, devenu au début de l’année 2024 GRUIA DUFAUT & ASSOCIES, Société Civile...

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