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Crédit Agricole Romania launched new online banking applications, i-conect and m-conect

On Monday, October 26th, Crédit Agricole Romania launched a new platform and a new app for its digital banking services, i-conect and m-conect.

The new applications stand out through an intuitive and flexible structure that allows for a high degree of customization and adaptation of the control panel.

They also provide customers with extensive and secure functionalities, that will ease their online banking experience.

"The redesign of our internet and mobile banking applications comes as a natural response to the requirements and needs of our customers, who generally want more online banking, a user-friendly interface and increased security. Starting from these elementary conditions, we added some features and functionalities especially designed for our business clients, in order to meet their complex needs”, said Luc Beiso, CEO of Crédit Agricole Romania.

Improvements to the new internet and mobile banking apps, i-conect and m-conect, include:

  • 24/7 transactions;
  • Mobile token authentication;
  • Customizable interface;
  • Personalization of products by adding pseudonyms to accounts, cards and recurrent orders, to distinguish easier between make them;
  • More online products, clients can open new accounts directly from the app and can apply online for a wide range of banking products and services (accounts, deposits, loans, Direct Bank activation, etc.).

"Considering the growing trends in the usage of digital platforms, a direction that was accelerated by the ongoing pandemic situation, the launch of new mobile and internet banking applications comes at a very opportune time", added Luc Beiso.


All operations are based on a complex authorization system based on electronic signature, which offers increased security to all transactions.


More information about the new apps are available on

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