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DocProcess appoints Salim Sunderji as the new Group CEO

DocProcess, the leader in business process automation in Romania, announces the appointment of Salim Sunderji as the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With over 20 years of experience in senior leadership roles, Salim Sunderji will lead the expansion of DocProcess in the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East and India.

"Despite the onset of the global pandemic, in 2020, DocProcess accelerated the process of international expansion as we have inaugurated a new commercial office in Paris and continued to sign important global clients. Salim's outstanding track record and unparalleled leadership experience will help us to further consolidate DocProcess' position as a global leader in business process automation. Together with our partners at Morphosis Capital, we are excited to welcome Salim as we share the same vision for DocProcess - to revolutionize the process of digital transformation globally," stated Liviu Apolozan, President and VP of Strategy of DocProcess. 

Prior to joining DocProcess, Salim served a variety of leadership roles at Thomson Reuters, acting as Chief Product Officer, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer of the Corporates Division, Managing Director of Knowledge Solutions and Chief Strategy Officer of Tax & Accounting Division. Salim has over 20 years of experience in general management within technology companies. He excelled in unlocking value for global, multimillion-dollar Software as a Service (SaaS), business information, content, and technology businesses. Throughout his career, Salim has developed an outstanding track record of delivering results, including 12 M&A and divestitures, rapid integrating and scaling, cost take-outs, restructuring and talent upgrading. 

"I am thrilled to be joining DocProcess and I look forward to leading its dynamic team during the process of global expansion. The increasing demand for tax compliance and transparency by governments worldwide presents a huge opportunity to redefine how businesses and public institutions work together through the transformation of their processes and interactions. I believe that through its Business Ecosystem Automation platform and value-added services such as embedded fiscal, format, legal and business controls, DocProcess provides an excellent response both to global compliance needs and overall business needs," commented Salim Sunderji, the newly appointed Group CEO of DocProcess. 

In his new position, Salim Sunderji will focus on developing global partnerships and on driving the expansion of DocProcess in the UK, the USA, the Middle East and India. He will be working directly with DocProcess's Board of Directors and executive team to accelerate the Group's international development. 

DocProcess offers a flexible SaaS platform that enables companies to streamline and automate their processes internally as well as across their business ecosystem, regardless of technological maturity. DocProcess solution can connect with any information system or platform. Suppliers, buyers, and partners from the private and the public sector can therefore collaborate without altering their infrastructure. One of DocProcess's key products is its e-invoicing solution which is compliant with tax authorities’ e-invoicing regulations. DocProcess’s Business Ecosystem Automation platform also includes solutions such as Purchase-2-Pay, Order-2-Cash, Logistics or Contract Management. 

More than 3,500 companies, from multinationals such as Carrefour, Cora, Lactalis, Mondelez, Strauss, eMAG to Romanian entrepreneurial companies such as E-Boda, Altex and Flanco use DocProcess automation solutions.



About DocProcess

DocProcess offers Business Ecosystem Automation solutions that help companies streamline and automate processes. DocProcess shapes the future of how companies of all sizes run their business by enabling them to take control of processes through their whole business ecosystem and connecting them digitally with their clients, suppliers, or financial and logistics partners. Thanks to the platform’s flexibility, companies can mix solutions to fit their changing business needs and connect all aspects of their business workflows: Purchase-2-Pay, Order-2-Cash, Logistics, Contract Management, reconciliation processes and more. All cross-referenced against record management and archiving.

Established in 2005 by Liviu Apolozan, DocProcess has a robust global footprint with offices in France (Paris and Grenoble) and in Romania (Bucharest and Brasov).

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