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ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS OF RENEWABLE ENERGY is a family business, started in 2002 and strongly developed since 2009, which wanted to bring to Romania last generation green energy systems. From the beginning, our goal has been to act for the benefit of customers, so that they can have control over their energy consumption, efficient consumption and reduced in terms of costs and impact over the environment.


With over 20 years of experience in the field and a portfolio of over 30,000 products, offers complete solutions for the smart home, complex renewable energy systems (photovoltaic and solar systems, wind systems), smart lighting systems, charging stations for electric cars, batteries, accumulators and UPS systems.


We work with specialist technicians and consultants to identify the best equipment and provide full service to a wide range of customers in all industries. Whether we are talking about large consumers (office buildings, public or private parking lots, farms and greenhouses, associations that promote and encourage the production of renewable energy), or individual consumers (block associations, houses or caravans), guarantees customized solutions with excellent long-term value for money.


"We are moving towards a world preoccupied with green energy, where customers are more and more attentive to the solutions they receive. Not only they must be energy efficient, give them control over consumption and low costs, but they must also be non-polluting. meets these needs and offers intelligent renewable energy services, adapted to each consumer, both at an individual and industrial level. We bring the energy of the future into the hands of our customers and give them the power to produce and consume it locally. We aim, thus, to contribute to the "green coloring" of the energy market in Romania."

Dan Tudose

General Manager

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