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ELITE Business Women, the largest feminin entrepreneurship company in Romania invites you to Gala - Women On Top Extreme

Gala Women on Top Extreme is a unique event that will take place in Bucharest on 16 May at Club Daimon. It aims to discover and promote feminine stories and characters that, through determination, initiative and flexibility, motivate us to overcome our own limits.

The event will emphasize on Courage and Performance, to the fore as they were described through the experience lived by powerful women, whose work is of a great impact. For that, to live in "Top Extreme" is not just feeling the adrenaline at maximum speed, but especially it focuses on that delicate balance between what you think, what you feel and what you materialize, with courage, in your daily life day.


"This new type of panel comes as a complement to the business style of our events, bringing even more dynamism to the Elite Business Women events.

This concept is based on the desire to promote as much as possible, in the community, remarkable stories from the Romanian space, full of novelty.

Women on top Extreme is the life of charismatic women with a great "catch to the public," whose experiences, often lived on a Top Extreme level, can successfully focus on the famous phrase: Be the woman who makes the difference, sometimes under conditions beyond the imaginary limit”

says Bianca Tudor, founder of Elite Business Women, Organiser of Gala Women On Top Extreme.


"When you say "Top Extreme" you're tempted to think that the people in this context are a privileged group of persons that has reached a superior degree of interior enlightenment, and through talent they make things out of the ordinary, most of them being more accessible to us... there are people who always keep developing their talent, women who always want to self-improve, and through a remarkable effort the "border" between possible and impossible becomes accessible”

says Adelina Chisu - Ghepard Communication Founder, Panelist Women On Top Extreme.


Among the guests of honor and the first announced speakers, we mention:


· Ms. UCA MARINESCU - the exploratory woman who has reached the North Pole

· DNA. ROXANA CIUHULESCU -  extremist sports practitioner

· Ms. ANDREEA LIPTAK SPIRIDON - philanthropist

but also..

·Mr. SERGIU NEGUT - investor and dean of the Maastricht School of Management in Romania.


Gala Women on Top Extreme highlights the value of women who, through what they do - especially in a world where men have the supremacy - they manage to be top doctors, aviators, artists, politicians, sportsmen, philanthropists, etc.




  • At the Women's Extreme Gala, another unique concept will be launched - the Elite Business Women Affiliate Program & Elite Business Women Investment Fund -  the first private investment fund dedicated to female entrepreneurs.
  • Together, we aim to increase the SME segment in Romania and abroad.
  • Our of 700,000 active companies in the Romanian market, only 40,000 are profitable, and yet in both Romania and Europe, the economy is supported by 95-97% of the SMEs sector.


About Elite Business Women


Elite Business Women is an entrepreneurial education company for women; a project of social entrepreneurship that changes mentality. Through the events organized by ELITE Business Women, entrepreneurial women :

  • managed to get to know each other
  • created close links that have transformed easily but surely into an international business community, present in 7 cities in Romania and also internationally in the UK , Portugal, Belgium and Italy.



7 Iuliu Maniu St.

400158 Cluj-Napoca

T: + 40 754 805 160

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