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Grande Gloria Production

Grande Gloria Production has over 28 years of experience and is a manufacturer of  food and non-food products, importer and distributor.

The company has the data of a success story and as any history that is still being written, started with small steps.

Since 1994, when was purchased the first equipment for the production of dry napkins and was rented a space of 150 MP, and the first collective employment took place, the company has experienced a spectacular development.

In 1998, the first export of products was made to a Moldavian company, and in 1999, the first branch opened in Bucharest.

Later, the other branches in the country were opened: Galati, Bucharest, Timisoara in 2004 and Brasov starting with 2007.

Since 2002, the company headquarters has moved to Vanatori, where still it is today.

With a remarkable growth both internally and externally, Grande Gloria  Production managed to achieve a turnover of 65 million euros in 2020.

Grande Gloria Group of Companies exports to 52 countries across 4 continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and South America

It has international affiliates in Western Europe, in Germany and  700 employees today.

It is also the leading supplier of Wet Napkins in Central Europe, Paper Products Converter, Liquid Soap Liquid Producer, Manufacturer of PET and HDPE Packaging, Cleaning Sponges, Abrasive Fabrics and Absorbent Cloths, as well as Manufacturer of pastry and sweets.

Grande Gloria Prroduction has over 3000 customers, over 10 000 sales points, 70% of Private Label market share on wet wipes production and it is a globally supplier with thousands of national brand.


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