How to obtain clarity and traceability in corporate waste management

The EU has raised its 2030 climate goals, committing to cutting emissions by at least 55% by 2030. So, in order to the new directives meant to align current laws with these ambitious objectives, the EU has released The Fit for 55 package, a set of proposals to revise and update the legislation, ensuring that EU policies are in line with the new climate goals agreed. 

Thus, the complexity and all the ways of environmental impact and society, coupled with the increasing pressures of the legislation, together with the expectations of companies and a greater public awareness, require a new and systematic approach to ensure the sustainability of an organization or its development.

So, waste-generating companies in all industries, recyclers and waste collectors are being held more accountable for their waste disposal, the environment and the set climate goals.

Traceability of waste for companies

What types of waste do I generate? How much do I collect per month? How much can be safely recycled? Where does the company's waste goes and what happens to it? How the company keeps track of the waste route end to end? These are the questions that arise more and more often in the waste management process and that companies have to be able to answer to through specific records and relevant data.

Some of the most common problems in waste management is actually the management process, traceability and proof of the final destination of the waste, because these operations are carried out and monitored through printed documents or records over which the generators have no control. Manual processes, without validation at the collection site, create a gap in the end-to-end waste management flow.

As for the answers to the above questions, in the present, they can be partially offered by the companies. Because, in order to have predictability and evidence on all waste recycling and disposal operations, companies need waste traceability.

This indicator provides transparency and accountability in the waste recycling stream by tracking it from collection, transport, storage, recycling and transformation into new products and / or final disposal.Thus, it is currently insufficient to record only the information on the company's waste in terms of operational flow, without being correlated, in real time, with the information of collectors and carriers.

And obtaining a complete, real-time overview of the entire waste management flow in the company is extremely important in making the relationship between the generator, the collector and the recycler transparent.

EcoTree – the first digital waste platform in Romania

EcoTree is a B2B SaaS solution that provides companies or the integrated digital waste management platform. The platform simplifies waste management processes from all points of business of the companies, the documentation is pre-filled automatically, personal reports can be issued on the transactions carried out by the company, as needed. Everything in real time.

Learn more about the benefits of using the EcoTree platform by companies.


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