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HUMANISTIC was founded with the core objective to sustain organizations in creating and developing healthy learning ecosystems, that can support growth and surf change with ease. We do that by developing the SKILLS OF THE FUTURE through custom made programs. When preparing an intervention, be that a training, an event, or a development process, we take our time to understand the information from the past, what could trigger the organization’s needs to create this ecosystem, and how would it sustain the program in the long term.


Our Philosophy

We develop organizations that are constantly learning from day-to-day activities. Humanistic was created with the strategic objective of helping organizations develop their own custom learning ecosystems, systems that help employees use their talents in everything they do.

In a learning ecosystem, we will develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes and align values that can enhance performance and bring results in the business environment. For Humanistic, everyone in the system counts.

All individuals have the power to make a change or grow a specific area of activity, and, by doing so, to create a domino effect with a positive impact on the whole team. Teams will interact and change other teams from the ecosystem, thus increasing the company’s performance. Your employees do not live in the void, but they are part of different ecosystems consisting of projects, informal relationships that develop, day-to-day activities, the way in which information gets to them, procedures, and previous experiences...and, these are only a few of the ecosystem’s parts. As results tend to be more and more connected by intangible and invisible points, we at Humanistic try to offer solutions to develop this ecosystem and facilitate growth, connections, and learning.


Extensive training delivery capabilities

At Humanistic, we take pride in our extensive training delivery capabilities. Our team of seasoned trainers is not only well-versed in conducting face-to-face workshops, but we are also readily available to travel and deliver training sessions in diverse international locations. Whether it's a workshop in a country where we already have local training delivery teams, such as Romania, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Germany, Spain, the UK, or any other destination, our trainers are equipped to facilitate impactful and engaging learning experiences. One of the key benefits of our global training approach is the ability to provide culturally tailored training content and delivery, ensuring that participants from different countries receive training that resonates with their specific needs and preferences.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond geographical boundaries. Regardless of the location, our trainers uphold the same high standards of quality, interactivity, and participant engagement, ensuring that every training session is a transformative experience.

With Humanistic, you can count on a seamless and impactful training delivery process that transcends borders and delivers results that matter.

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