In 2020, Autism Voice gives a voice to 500 children!

Autism means silence and loneliness. No child deserves to be convicted of this diagnosis.

In Romania, over 40,000 thousands of children suffer from this life-long illness and we are the only state in the EU that does not have a national government support system regarding this disease. Of the children currently affected, less than 40% benefit from some form of recovery or social integration. In less than ten years, more than 20,000 adults with severe neuro-psychic disorders will appear because they didnot received any chance of recovery in childhood.

1 in 59 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. But 89% of children can develop skills, learn to speak and become autonomous if they start an intensive recovery program as early as possible.

Since 2008, Autism Voice has been fighting for the change of these statistics by training specialists capable of recovering autism affected children, by offering high-performance programs in the ABA field, by offering free social programs, training and counseling for the affected families, teachers or doctors.

Recovering a child with autism is a fight with time. At the age of 5 it may be too late.

This is the reason why Autism Voice intervenes in the recovery of children, through the therapy programs, from the first 2 years of life. For 11 years we have developed specialized therapy services, we have 2 recovery centers in which 200 children come daily and we have teacher training campaigns to support the integration of children in the educational system.

Every year we help 400 children to have a voice.We start with each child from early diagnosis and specialized evaluation, at least 2 hours of therapy every day, social skills development programs and then we walk with emotion to kindergarten or school, next to them.

In 2020 Autism Voice plans to expand the services offered at a national level through "Pass the Voice" project and to attract the necessary funds to open a new Center for the recovery of children with autism!

Pass the Voice is an Autism Voice concept that aims to train and form over 2000 parents from 44 counties in the country so that they can become co-therapists of their children, thus filling the lack of specialists and the necessary resources at national level. During 2020 we are targeting 20 economically weakened counties where we will train 1000 parents from disadvantaged backgrounds, so that their children receive a recovery start.

During 2020 we will also be raising funds to open a new center for social recovery and integration in Bucharest where we want to enroll another 100 children in need of urgent therapy programs, thus giving a voice for at least 500 children starting with the year 2021.

How can you help?

By redirecting to Autism Voice 20% of the profit or income tax of your company, at no other cost to the company, you can control some of the taxes that are usually lost in the state budget and you can be a part of the two national projects that our association has in plan. Autistic children's therapy is not supported by the state, but together we can give them the chance to have a normal life!


Nicoleta Orlea

Coordonator Dep. Fundraising

T: 0751 278 391

E: nicoleta.orlea(@) |

Str.Agricultori, nr 116A, Sector 2, Bucuresti

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