International Work Finder reports a revenue of over 12.3 million euros for the year 2023

Bucharest, May 20th, 2024 – International Work Finder, one of the leaders in the EU and non-EU personnel recruitment market and human resource management in Romania, closed the year 2023 with a turnover of over 12.3 million euros, 5.5 times more than the previous year. The growth is attributed to the introduction of new business lines - outsourcing and personnel leasing - which complement the company’s established services.

Outsourcing involves the externalization of certain processes or services to a third party, while personnel leasing refers to the temporary rental of employees according to the specific needs of companies. The main difference between the two is that, in the case of outsourcing, the entire responsibility for a specific function is transferred from the client to International Work Finder, while personnel leasing involves providing employees who remain under the direct supervision of the hiring company.

The company offers comprehensive services including recruitment and placement of the workforce, preparation of documentation, obtaining visas and work permits, as well as residence permits in Romania for non-EU personnel. Additionally, they provide housing, transportation, and integration of employees into society and their work environment, maintaining a close relationship between the employer and the employee.

“It is essential to offer complete services because this ensures a higher employee retention rate,” said Marius Ștefănescu, co-founder of International Work Finder.

This aspect is particularly valuable now, as with Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area, the country may lose its status as a destination for the non-European workforce and become a transit country, a gateway to the West. To avoid such a situation and ensure workforce stability and, implicitly, the stability of their businesses, recruitment agencies and employers must offer fair opportunities that meet both financial and cultural needs, as well as a sense of belonging to a group.

“At International Work Finder, we brought the first non-EU employees to Romania in 2019. Some of them are still in the country, thanks to the good conditions we provided and our efforts to integrate them both into society and their work environment. Our ability to recruit trustworthy individuals and keep them motivated is what sets us apart from the competition and gives us confidence in our development potential,” added Marius Ștefănescu.


International Work Finder brought nearly 2,500 employees to Romania in 2023.


In 2023, International Work Finder brought nearly 2,500 non-EU employees to Romania, predominantly from Nepal (65%), Sri Lanka (20%), and India (9%). Most of these, over 25%, are unskilled workers placed in construction projects, factories, and logistics. Additionally, the company brought nearly 300 employees for assembly and part fitting, 165 rubber processing operators, 155 warehouse handlers, over 130 machine tool operators, and over 100 installers. The agricultural industry and the HoReCa sector also benefited from unskilled personnel for various tasks and kitchen positions.


For 2024, International Work Finder aims for a significant increase in the number of non-EU personnel brought to Romania. “Our goal is to bring 10,000 people to Romania by the end of the year, both skilled and unskilled workers, to support the development of key industries such as construction, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, HoReCa, and beyond. Although this growth may seem ambitious, seven years after founding the company, we have the resources necessary to achieve it. We have strengthened strong partnerships with top agencies in Asia, benefit from local and international expertise, have dedicated personnel for authorizations and legislation, and have created an efficient operational flow that helps us ensure the satisfaction of our B2B clients as well as the employees brought to Romania,” added Marius Ștefănescu.

About International Work Finder

Founded in 2017, International Work Finder offers complete recruitment, placement, integration, leasing, and outsourcing services for EU and non-EU personnel. To date, the company has brought over 15,000 employees to Romania. The industries served include construction, automotive, HoReCa, logistics, green energy, merchandising, manufacturing, agriculture, spas, babysitting, recycling, cleaning, and social assistance. International Work Finder’s clients include companies such as Mercedes, Continental, KFC, Profi, Marriott, Chocolat, Bergenbier, Erbașu, Remat Holding, and others.

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