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New CEO at Sodexo Romania: Manuel Fernandez Amezaga replaces Sven Marinus

Détail d'une actualitéSodexo Romania, leader in extra-salary benefits in Romania, announces the appointment of Manuel Fernandez Amezaga as CEO of the company, starting with November 2020. He will replace Sven Marinus, the leader who coordinated the process of digitalization of the extra-salary benefit vouchers offered by the company in Romania.


Manuel Fernandez Amezaga is a manager with more than 20 years’ experience, specialized in payment technologies. He has joined Sodexo in 2010 and held leadership positions in Spain and Philippines working with private sector and Government authorities. During his tenure as a CEO of Sodexo Philippines he led the company on its digitalization journey, implementing numerous fintech solutions. Sven Marinus has been appointed CEO of Sodexo Belgium and Luxemburg.


“I am pleased to handover the mandate to a visionary CEO as Manuel Fernandez Amezaga. He is a great manager with a wide expertise in payments and new technologies. I am confident that Sodexo Romania will continue to offer its clients and employees commendable solutions. I will always be close to Romania and the bighearted team of Sodexo, always willing to go the extra mile for its clients,” said Sven Marinus, the former CEO of Sodexo Pass Romania.

Sodexo Romania has been in the last three years in a process of transformation and digitalization of all its services and activities. Now the company offers the latest technologies in its field: online payment, mobile solutions - both Android (Sodexo Pay, a proprietary solutions), and iOS platforms (Apple Pay) - and integration with delivery platforms.

“I am looking forward to manage in the next years a company like Sodexo Romania, with such an amazing team that I can rely on. I am confident that we will continue to grow the business, to innovate and bring to Romania the latest technologies, to capture the new opportunities in the market and continue to be a reliable partner to our clients, as they were accustomed. I love the involvement in the community of Sodexo Romania and the important impact of the CSR activities. We will continue to be close to the communities in need and share our knowledge and expertise as support for a better future for all,” said Manuel Fernandez Amezaga, the new CEO of Sodexo Pass Romania.




About Sodexo Romania

Sodexo Romania is part of Sodexo Group, a world leader in the field of quality of life services, founded in 1966 in France. The company's mission is to improve the quality of life of employees, customers, and partners, while contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of the communities in which it operates. The company has been present on the Romanian market for over 22 years, offering companies a complex range of extra-salary benefits for employees. More than 30,000 companies and two million employees already use Sodexo products.

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