Nomade Communication – second consecutive year in Top PR Romania

Nomade Communication is for the second time in a row in Top PR Romania, as a proof of the dynamic activity of the agency and the ability to adapt to market challenges.

Led by Adriana and Mihaela Cocîrță and started as a family business, Nomade Communication offers each client an integrated and adapted communication strategy, whose main purpose is, by changing the perspective, to generate more value not only for the target audience segments, but for all categories of stakeholders of a company.

The inclusion of Nomade Communication in the top realized by Biz team is a great joy for us, being a recognition of the intense work, we do to provide each client with creative communication strategies in order to help them strengthen their connection with their communities. Together with our team, we managed to implement integrated communication campaigns that generated significant results and increased the visibility of the brands. The presence for the second consecutive year of Nomade Communication in Top PR stimulates us to continue in the accelerated pace we have imposed on us and to find new ways to help clients to perform, says Adriana Cocîrță, Founder and Managing Partner of Nomade Communication.

In the future, Nomade Communication is preparing complex projects that focus on implementing the creative communication, PR and social media campaigns offered to clients, but also on increasing the client portfolio. The needs of companies are increasingly diverse due to the increased demands of the target audience, which is becoming more involved and more careful to the messages transmitted by the brands. In this context, agencies are becoming the main link between brands and audience, transforming the opportunities to convey relevant messages in the communication campaigns with impact.

The way we communicate online and offline takes the form of trends, which makes the activity of a specialist in communication essential for companies wishing to implement a coherent communication strategy and a unified vision of messages on different communication channels. The audience is segmented according to the platforms and networks they use, which is why our role is to build campaigns and messages considering the audience and the network, without altering the identity of a brand. I am glad that we are in Top PR Romania, together with the PR agencies that develop disruptive campaigns for their clients, adds Mihaela Cocîrță, Managing Partner of Nomade Communication.

Top PR Romania carries out a detailed analysis of the public relations environment in Romania, carried out by Biz Publishing, in partnership with the research company Unlock Market Research. The business performance and the way in which the PR agencies are perceived by the clients are the main factors considered by the study's creators, which reflects a comprehensive image of the PR activity in Romania.

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