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Oameni și Companii, also known as OSC, is a marketing and technology company founded in 2000. Our mission is to help organizations achieve profitable interactions across a multitude of businesses and professional communities to promote their products, services, or ideas.


We are dedicated to creating communication solutions through which people and organizations can interact and develop authentic and lasting relationships. Every connection made within our communities aims to encourage knowledge exchange and collaboration.


We have developed over 100 business or professional communities, customized according to the needs of our partners. These communities serve as true nurseries of clients or supporters for our partners, enabling them to optimize their marketing budgets or promote their services, products, or gain support for their ideas much more efficiently.


Customized communities are a strategic pillar in modern marketing. And the backbone of developing a customized community is events. Therefore, at OSC, we use events as the primary marketing tool. In the last 3 years, we have organized approximately 600 events (online, hybrid, or onsite) attended by +29,000 members of our customized communities. Overall, our experience spans over +1,000 business or professional events.


To support the strategy that puts community-focused events at the center of marketing programs, we have developed the platform, a national platform for marketing and events intelligence. The platform organizes information and promotes over 15,000 business and professional events annually. This allows us to better understand the needs of communities and help organizations produce events with a high level of participant interaction. has +22,000 subscribers to 55 newsletters in 115 domains, and the 1,300 events uploaded monthly are viewed by over 40,000 individuals.

At, you can find more information about the domains in which we have expertise, the concept of customized communities, our portfolio of +250 clients, or the over 100 case studies available.

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