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People Around Association was founded in May 2021 to help fight against the much common burnout syndrome by creating and maintaining a healthy balance between one’s personal and professional life. This objective will be achieved by the following means:

1. PREVENTION: Before we even delve on what’s causing this imbalance, we need to look at the root of the problem and at the accumulation of factors that leads to the burnout syndrome. Therefore, we’ll assess ways we can prevent the installation of the syndrome by organizing campaigns to raise awareness about the syndrome and its consequences for both one’s career as well as social and family environment.

2. BESPOKE STRATEGY: Based on the individual findings, we’ll create and implement bespoke programs to prevent the installation of the burnout syndrome amongst different companies and working environments, as well as other types of beneficiaries such as: parents of children with special needs, parents from single-parent families who are sole supporters of the family, people in a fragile period of life, students,… etc

3. ACTION: We offer psychological support for people already affected by professional stress by organizing workshops, training sessions and psychological counseling (one-on-one sessions or group meetings) aimed at preventing depression caused by burnout, restoring a good quality of life at both individual and community level , proposing proven strategies to help an individual better manage stressful situations he may encounter throughout life, personal validation, etc.

4. organizing workshops and working groups

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Nouveaux membres


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Nouveaux membres

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