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Our ability to combine unique needs with the protection to the highest standards has taken our work all over the world. Founded back in 1993, ProTech Sécurité has a long-established a reputation for quality and innovation.

Our in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing teams, have the experience required to provide protection solutions for everything from people-friendly tourism locations to maximum security aerospace and military sites.

In recent years we have protected the forecourt of the Eiffel Tower with our bulletproof glass wall, produced a golden pass-through drawer for Louis Vuitton, and the protection infrastructure for the European Court of Justice in Brussels.

Our bulletproof solutions are independently certified to the highest EU standards, within the proof testing facilities at the Banc National d’Épreuve de Saint-Étienne (France). We also test all of our products to the highest US standards, and are in the process of earning US certification.


Solutions to security issues in highly sensitive and complex environments

ProTech Sécurité provides the solutions to the problems that keep leaders up at night:

· Protecting strategic infrastructure

· Ensuring the safety of people and products

· Minimizing the impact of unanticipated aggressions

· Securing borders

· Preventing terrorist threats


Custom built to the highest certification standards in Europe

Reliable and discreet solutions, made-to-measure to meet your specific requirements:

· Guardhouses

· Watchtowers

· Glass walls

· Doors, gates, and windows

· Pass-through systems

· Mobile defense systems

We combine different types of protection to achieve the most effective and aesthetically appropriate solutions for our clients’ security challenges.



A security partner offering you experience, expertise, and scale

A resilient ecosystem to offer products and services to clients of all sizes:

· Veteran in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing teams

· Products designed and engineered in France

· Manufacturing in Poland and France

· Glass manufactured in Germany


ProTech Sécurité : la haute sécurité sur-mesure. - YouTube

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