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PSC Group is a family business, with 100% Romanian capital stock, active on the construction and real estate development market since 1997. Our organization is based on the experience and principles of Engineer Dumitru Pascu, on the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of his son, Cristi Pascu and on the meticulousness and work ethic of their associate, Gabriel Florescu.

Together with our internal team and our partners, we fully cover field-specific services, including: project development, property management, technical consulting, architecture and design, construction, architecture and interior design, structural design and project management.

We offer our clients housing and living models of the highest quality – from concept, to execution and long-term use. In addition to the residential segment, our portfolio includes commercial, hotel and industrial works. We invite you to browse some of them by visiting our home page:

Each project is unique, adapted to the local context and brings elements of novelty. At the same time, we consistently follow a common line: achieving harmony in the use of space by taking into account its multiple dimensions – the natural, the built and the social. Our goal is to generate well-being for customers, investors and the community by maintaining the balance between function, aesthetics, the human component and nature.

Within PSC Group, there is a department dedicated to research and partnerships, taking into account that the needs of the real estate market are in continuous evolution. We strive to anticipate them and to be a source of viable solutions, both in terms of cost and transformative character. We are interested in acquiring, using and disseminating paradigm-shifting technologies that bring short-, medium- and long-term benefits. In this regard, we are engaged and open to collaborations with private and public institutions, as well as with competent individuals.

A substantial part of our activity has been and will remain directed at the national market. However, thanks to model validation and the sustained growth of our human and financial capital, we are considering a regional expansion and joint initiatives with colleagues from other countries. We view the professional relation with French colleagues as a priority, especially in the context of cultural affinities and funding opportunities at the European level, which stimulate research and work in mixed teams.

PSC GROUP 155 Calea Victoriei, section 5, building D1, 6th floor T: +40 (741) 24 22 02 ½E: www.psc-group.ro½

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