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RBL National Conference - ANTIFRAGILITY in a world of crises

2020, an atypical year from several points of view, showed us how important it is not only to face crises, but also to become antifragile by embracing disorder, volatility and disruptive elements so that we continue to thrive.


We invite you to the RBL National Conference - ANTIFRAGILITY in a world of crises, to identify and discuss how we face uncertainty and how we can use it to become antifragile in various situations or levels of life: society, business, education and economics.


Between October 27th and 29th, Romanian entrepreneurs, top executives, experts and representatives of civil society will gather for 3 days of online sessions on how to better understand the world we live in and how to make the right decisions.


Based on our good collaboration and tradition, we are pleased to invite CCIFER members to join the Romanian Business Leaders community at our National Conference. The special price for our partners is 150 Euros + VAT. You can use the following discount code on the registration page: CCRBL2020


You can register for the event here. There are two steps to follow:

●     in the first step you fill in the fields regarding the contact details of the participant (without completing member code), and

●     in the second step you fill in the billing data (completing the discount code). If you pay by card you will immediately receive the invoice, and if you opt out for bank transfer payment, you will first receive the proforma invoice and after the payment, the invoice by e-mail.

The access link to the event will be received by email, one day before the national conference.

You can find out more about this year's edition by accessing the dedicated page and following the event on social media.

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