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The Net Generation take self-care seriously, but are not doing enough to safeguard their own wellbeing

A new study by Sanofi has found that despite three quarters of Net Generation (those born between 1981 and 1996) consumers are saying they maintain a good level of health through self-care, half of their healthcare practitioners (HCPs) peers disagree, suggesting a lack of high-quality information is to blame.

 Sanofi unveiled on the International Self-Care Day a new report entitled “Be Your Best 2019 – Empowering the Net Generation to Make the Most of Self-Care” that sheds new light on the self-care perceptions and practices of this generation of consumers and HCPs (general physicians and pharmacists) in eight countries across the world.

Alan Main, Executive Vice President, Head of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, said: “Our report reveals that though the intention is there, Net Generation consumers may not be making the best choices to safeguard their own wellbeing. In today’s information driven society, the right voices are not necessarily cutting through. It is up to governments, policymakers and industry to answer these consumers’ calls to get the information they need to empower them to live fuller, healthier lives.”

The Net Generation are confident self-carers - three quarters of those surveyed reported feeling very or somewhat confident they maintain a good level of health through self-care. The majority take self-care seriously with 43% looking for information on self-care at least once a week, which informs both self-care choices and purchases. Thus, they compare and choose products that work for them, even before setting foot in a shop or pharmacy.

As digital natives, the Net Generation consider the internet the most important source of information on self-care, even before healthcare practitioners. Yet 59% of HCPs think that the representatives of this generation do not perform self-care sufficiently, despite the information at their fingertips. HCPs also state that the reliance on online searches could paradoxically cause unnecessary worry.

And just a third of those interviewed feel well informed about the self-care options available through their local health services.   

Alan Main continued: “All stakeholders in health need to step up to listen to this generation of two billion consumers. If we can help shape a playing field in partnership with our stakeholders to recognize the value of self-care, adapt policy and regulation accordingly, and unleash the amazing power to improve health through the responsible use of integrated data, then we can truly transform healthcare.”           

Iulia Roșian, Consumer Healthcare General Manager, Sanofi Romania & Moldova said: “The Net Generation face unique pressures, with less secure employment, an uncertain financial future and the rise of social media. It’s no surprise they take self-care seriously. But, this report also shows that despite them having access to more information than any previous generation, they are not always making the right choices when it comes to self-care. Hence the growing need for education, maturity and responsibility of the consumer in managing their own health. The maximum benefit of self-care can be achieved only if we have an informed consumer, who has the ability to distinguish between the situations in which he can self-manage his health and those where the recommendation of a doctor or pharmacist is necessary. It is a goal we are trying to achieve through the educational campaign <About health, with responsibility>, carried out by the Romanian Association of Non-prescription Drugs Manufacturers, Food Supplements and Medical Devices (RASCI), in which Sanofi is an active member.”


About the “Be Your Best 2019 – Empowering the Net Generation to Make the Most of Self-Care” report

  • Fieldwork dates: March to April 2019
  • Methods:
    • Self-administered online interviews [20 minutes in length] – conducted by Harris Interactive between March to April 2019.
    • Social listening: Analysis of approximately 2.7m social media posts from between March 2017 to April 2019. A shorter timeline (January to April 2019) was implemented for the US to ensure the data allowance did not skew towards this market - conducted by Pulsar.
  • Overview:
    • Research commissioned by Sanofi Consumer Healthcare was conducted in eight markets (France, UK, Russia, USA, Brazil, China, Japan, South Africa).
    • It explored the attitudes of the Net Generation aged HCPs (GPs and pharmacists born between 1981 and 1996) as well as the same age group public, to understand how these key stakeholders are shaping the future landscape of self-care.
    • The full report can be accessed here.


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