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Dear friends,

At the beginning of the year we were all making plans and forecasts and setting budgets for 2020, but all off a sudden all of them were disrupted. This is for everyone a dark period, but we all understand now that we must be united in order for the humanity to move on.

Although the contribution of non-governmental organizations in sustaining the public sector is extremely important in times of major crisis, they do not benefit of support measures from the Romanian government, at least as strong as those for supporting SMES. Therefore, in the context of the restrictions imposed by the emergency situation, our Foundation is deeply affected and strives to ensure continuity in providing services to vulnerable groups whose needs are not covered by the state.

As you know, last week we launched the Necessity Fund for the immediate support for lowering the pressure off the state hospitals, by keeping the 2 social clinics of the Foundation open, but also for immediate support with materials and equipment for hospitals.

We want to keep our Clinics open!

We are still here, but we need your help to be able to continue to support thousands of patients in need, diagnosed with serious chronic illnesses, who need treatment, and for whom isolation at home also means a break from their treatment.

This is NOT an option for them!
The two social clinics care for 5,500 patients, of whom 3,300 are completely uninsured or have very low incomes. They, like other uninfected COVID-19 patients, have a vital need to be seen by a doctor.

We expect a very large flow of patients, even after the epidemic is gone
The number of uninsured people in Bucharest increased during this period, as a result of the layoffs caused by the context of the pandemic. In the first 2 days of April 155,000 people were unemployed! Their access to public health services will be reduced to the emergency lines and their only chance for health will remain our clinics.

The Educational Centers continue their activity ONLINE
Social distancing measures have deeply changed our daily lives and the world seems to have stopped. Going to school was a ray of hope for a better future for the children in our educational centers, and now this dream is also put on hold.
Our teachers and volunteers have adapted to the conditions of each child; some of them do not have computers and work on the phone, others do online lessons, but not one single child is left behind.
Any donation helps us fight for vulnerable children and families who are locked between four walls, helpless and worried that they will soon have nothing to eat.
What we have managed to do so far for the state hospitals with the contributions to the Necessity Fund:

When the first COVID-19 patients started to be confirmed in our country, we realized that what we do for our beneficiaries is not enough. We tried to adapt to the new situation and we did our best to respond to requests from the state hospitals, all without abandoning our patients and the children we have responsibility for.
• We purchased a state-of-the-art ATI ventilator for the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Matei Balș
• We started repairing 7 other out of order mechanical ventilation units from 6 hospitals in Bucharest and country
• We purchased an injection-extraction vacuum cleaner for disinfection of patients’ beds diagnosed with COVID-19 for Colentina Clinical Hospital
• We manufactured over 5000 visors for 7 hospitals in Bucharest and in the country
• We started delivering 22 tons of Carpatina water to 5 hospitals in Bucharest
How can you contribute to the Necessity Fund?

Although there is still a lot of time until the end of 2020, when the fiscal year ends, companies paying profit tax can redirect the 20% anytime during this year. This window of another 1-2 months, until the pandemic is gone, is crucial for the functioning of the entire NGO sector, and that is why your help is fundamental. Our foundation is eligible for sponsorship, see documents HERE and HERE.
Download the sponsorship agreement

Other ways to help:
➽ By donation to the account of the CMU Regina Maria Foundation RO70RZBR0000060012785673
➽ By SMS with the word "SOARTA" at 8844 for 2 euros per month
Online HERE

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