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Dear Sir / Dear Madam

My name is Anda Mănescu and I have the great pleasure and possibility that, in a few lines, to bring our company to the forefront, presenting you the activities and business opportunities that, we believe, we can initiate with your help, in order to achieve sustainable and efficient collaborations with companies interested in the field and not only.

The company SC Victorion Luxury Fashion SRL, based in Breaza city, Prahova county, was founded in the year 2014 as a limited liability company with romanian private capital and deals with the production and marketing of handmade textile garments, more precisely, we refer to the famous Romanian blouse (IA),  known and appreciated worldwide as a complex product of high quality, especially due to the embroidery sewn entirely by hand, as well as the natural materials used (melted canvas).

As an aside, I would like to mention that, in the city of Breaza, starting with 1948, functioned the largest factory producing this amazing blouse in Romania, namely Arta Casnica Breaza, with over 1000 women seams employed, who worked for export, Romanian folk ports in the upper Prahova Valley and which obtained numerous awards and gold medals at the international fairs. Unfortunately, today, for reasons that are difficult to understand, it has become a ruin.

Our main objective was and remains the preservation and promotion of this ancient tradition, defined art, so that, at present, we can say that the authentic Romanian blouse is again present both on the internal market and on the foreign markets, but with a rather low representation.

Studying the consumption trends and the European situation, we want to orient ourselves towards new markets in Europe, given that in recent years, the Asian market was the one that absorbed most of our products, this being the reason why we address you, with the hope that, through you, we will identify possible customers (buyers),  with whom to collaborate on a long-term basis.

 Currently, our company is structured on three main activities, namely:

1. Creating and manufacturing traditional hand-embroidered shirts (Romanian IA), fully respecting the symbols specific to the region Breaza.

2. Acquisition and restoration of very old popular ports and their sale on foreign markets.

3. Creating and manufacturing own clothing collections with the signature of Anda Mănescu.

As marketing and promotion activities, we regularly participate in fairs and exhibitions in the field, both nationally, but especially externally, where our products enjoy a special appreciation. We also participate in television shows, where we exhibit our traditional models, as well as collections of ancient folk costumes for hundreds of years.

For a better understanding of what we do, we invite you to visit our website, as well as the social media pages Ii Breaza de Anda Manescu, where you will find the full range of our products. Last but not least, we also own our own store, in Breaza, where you can see all our products displayed. For any other information, we are at your disposal.

In closing, we would like to thank you in advance for your attention and we look forward to a successful collaboration.

With  consideration,

Anda Mănescu

Tel. 0730492111, email

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