20% Campaign: Never alone for Christmas

For most of us, Christmas is the most anticipated opportunity to be with your loved ones. It's that time of the year when we were together at the Christmas table, surrounded by gifts, the sound of carols, and delicious food. For half of the elderly in Romania, the story is completely different. Christmas is just a day like any other, and the holiday menu, often austere, is accompanied by loneliness, perhaps the worst thing that comes with old-age. 

Like every year, the Never Alone–Friends of the Elderly Association brings hope into their lives. We are the family they have long lost, and we try to join them on Christmas holidays, the moment when the feeling of loneliness is most powerful. On December 27th, 100 elders and their volunteers spend together the "Never Alone Christmas", an event we organize to bring the joy of celebration back into their lives, in a warm, festive atmosphere.  Our guests will be elderly people with limited mobility, people with modest incomes, residents of homes for the elderly, affected by illnesses and social isolation.

Your generosity can make the difference bring happy holidays to forgotten elderly. Redirect 20% of your taxes for free (completely deductible)  by simply filling in a sponsorship contract available on www.niciodatasingur.ro.

Thus, you can invest in a worthy cause money that would otherwise go to the state budget.

Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at: beatrice.culda@niciodatasingur.ro and 0745.010.228.

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