2021 computers donated in 2021 by Ateliere Fără Frontiere through educlick project

From Tulcea to Timiș and from Botoșani to Teleorman, a total of 122 schools, social institutions and non-profit organizations from 35 counties received in the last 6 months 2021 fully equipped computers: central unit, monitor, peripherals and cables, all reconditioned in the educlick workshop by the employees in the socio-professional insertion program.

Behind every point on the map is a story that in turn has tens and hundreds of chapters, one for each of the more than 14,000 students supported by the "Let's Click on Romania" program in the fight for a fair education in disadvantaged environments in Romania. We share with you some pages from the story we built together in the last months.

The educlick vision is that every child has the right to a fair education. Therefore, with each collaboration, we try to reach marginalized areas, socially or geographically, where material deprivation often leads to school dropout and low self-esteem among young people.

Schools, children and social projects to which we donated refurbished computers

One of the most beautiful collaborations in recent months was that between educlick, Te Aud România Foundation and D.G.A.S.P.C Suceava, three entities united by the common desire for a fair education and for the social inclusion of people with disadvantaged backgrounds. Through these partnerships, 20 completely refurbished computers reached 20 young people in placement centers in the area of ​​Suceava.

Another place where our computers traveled to support students in village of Valea Mânăstirii in Țițești, Argeș County. Izabel and Dragoș did not have access to online school at all during the pandemic. Buying a computer or tablet is a huge financial effort for their families that they cannot afford. Their only source of income is the trade in household items, which parents sell in the hot season, in fairs in the Vlașca area, the southern part of the country.

It was a huge joy for the two children to have a computer for the first time and they promised us with joy and emotion that they will do their best to learn in this school year!

Of course, the opportunity for a fair education must not take into account ethnicity, religion, sex or any other criteria. Education is a universal right that every child must enjoy in an environment as favorable as possible for his good development.

Therefore, we had an emotional moment at the Regional Center for Procedures and Accommodation for Asylum Seekers in Radauti. Here, children from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia go through a process of social integration along with their parents. Already going through a lot, these little ones now use computers that make it easier for them to keep in touch with their loved ones at home, to accommodate and learn the Romanian lifestyle.

Perhaps the most unique route of our computers was crossing the Danube Delta to reach the Pardina Secondary School. Currently, the donated computers are used as a learning tool for the rational use of natural resources and good conservation practices.

The E-COllection of good deeds

More than 14,000 children and students now have an extra chance at a normal education.

Another 16,0000 young people and 100 educational units will receive computers in the second part of the "Let's Click on Romania" project in the second half of 2021.

In order to achieve this goal, together with the project sponsors, Kaufland România and OMV Petrom, we launched the E-COllection of good deeds: a campaign aimed to collect units, monitors and laptops that we plan to recondition and donate to the 16,000 of students that are waiting for them.

In a month, we collected old equipment from companies or individuals from Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Ploiești or Timișoara. In total, we were present in 9 locations in these four cities, from where we collected hundreds of used IT equipment that in a few months will reach the school benches in Romania.

The openness of people to contribute a good deed to our collection impressed us a lot. We also found out about dozens of people from other cities eager to contribute to our mission.

Will follow!

What we are going to do is what we have done for the last 13 years: supporting schools in Romania with IT equipment and offering students with disadvantaged backgrounds an extra chance at a fair education. We continue to add new ways to increase the quality of education in Romania.

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