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BBL Groupe

Groupe BBL DNA An agile ecosystem designed to support your supply-chain.

Our mission statement

Unlike those who would like to dictate their standardised processes to you, the mission of our specialists is to define a solution tailor-made for you, a manufactured solution to meet your expectations

Our conviction

The BBL group has expanded with the conviction that the companies that join it can and should preserve their methods and their brands as the banners of their teams and their expertise. An empowered and committed manager is in charge of each brand constituting our Federation of Specialists, united under the BBL Group banner.

Our ambition

BBL has embarked on a digital transformation whose primary ambition is to put the human being back at the centre of our systems. It is a matter of making all data exchanges as well as all automated processing more fluid. A deliberately decentralised agile network.

More details about us here.

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