Can You Spare 3 Minutes to Change the Healthcare System?

If you think 3 minutes is not much, we’re here to tell you it can mean the world: for the patients, for their families, for the medical staff. It can be their chance of living.

How can you change the healthcare system?

Redirect 3.5% of your income tax towards Dăruiește Viață. Fill out the form online and redirect 3.5% towards projects that change lives. It only takes 3 minutes and it even works from your phone.

Why do such a thing? Because it won’t cost you anything, but the impact can be huge. Last year, Dăruiește Viață had approximately 10,000 forms filled out on their website, raising about 800.000 euro. This would cover, for instance, the renovation of an entire adult Oncology ward. In 2023, they want to reach 20,000 forms. With your help.

How big is the potential?

In 2020, more than 6 mil. people could have redirected 3.5% of their income tax, according to data taken from ANAF and processed by ARC. However, only 29% did it, the smallest percentage in the past few years. The average value of a form has been calculated at 135 RON, which is pretty much, considering that everything an employee needs to do is fill out Form 230.

What have we done together?

By standing together, we can change the medical system. In 10 years, more than 500,000 people and 7,700 companies have chosen to give 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes. Here are the results:

● 20 sterile rooms, tripling our country’s transplant capacity
● 1 Minister’s Order changed by the founders
● 8 adult and children’s Oncology departments brought up to European standards
● 2 modular ICUs, completely functional
● 2 triage modular units
● 2 laboratories for the deep diagnosis of lymphatic cancers
● 17 tons of PPE and medical equipment donated to 140 medical units in 102 towns during the pandemic

● 19 tons of drugs and medical equipment donated to the hospitals affected by the Ukrainian war
● 1 Children’s Hospital built entirely from scratch (#NoiFacemUnSpital) – the first in the past 30 years

Your gesture means the world. Because there is no better cause than life. Thank you for being next to Dăruiește Viață. Ask your colleagues, as well, to redirect 3.5%.



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