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Cargo Buddy

Cargo Buddy is the platform that transports your cargo anywhere and anytime, brings
freighs and carriers to one place, so that the transport process is simplified and automated,
from loading the freights to unloading them.

With Cargo Buddy’s platform freight transport becomes efficient, transparent and flexible,
bringing a new perspective to the freight transport industry through digitalization!

Cargo Buddy’s mission is to simplify the entire freight transport process, digitizing every
operation between carrier and sender so that each one becomes efficient and optimizes their

Cargo Buddy has become a reliable partner for the top 100 companies in Romania in
carrying out the entire transport process at national and international level, ensuring them a
high quality transport standard.

A key principle underlying the Cargo Buddy platform is transparency, and each carrier is
guaranteed to pay for each cargo directly from the app and shippers receive real-time
information about their transportation.

Among the benefits offered by cargo Buddy are:
flexibility - you can transport anywhere and whenever you want nationally and
safety - all carriers in the application are checked by our team and we provide the
transported freights with up to 500.000 euros
optimal costs - you can choose the offer that is convenient for you
monitoring the goods - you know in everything at which point the freights are on the
real-time notifications - receive real-time notifications about your merchandise
communication with the driver - you can communicate directly with the driver
assigned to your transport
efficiency - every operation from loading freights to unloading is fully digitized
diversity – we give you everything transport solutions - road, sea, air, rail
unloading payment for carriers - we guarantee the payment on download for each
goods directly from the application

Cargo Buddy has both desktop and mobile versions that can be downloaded for free from
Google play and the App Store.

address: 26 Fluierului Street, Bucharest, Romania

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