Carrefour&FM Logistic, a growing partnership in Romania

In October 2017, FM Logistic has signed a new contract with Carrefour in Romania-  its fresh division (fresh/ chilled, fruits and vegetables) over 2 years period for the logistics of products requiring controlled temperature- fruits, vegetables, food, within Carrefour’s warehouse in Chiajna- Ilfov county. 

According to this partnership, FM Logistic will perform logistics operations, warehousing and cross-docking operations at controlled temperature for fruits and vegetables (+ 6/ + 8 ° C) and food (+ 2/ + 4 ° C) such as products reception, handling, order preparation for delivery to Carrefour stores in Romania and IT flow management.

"We are delighted to have FM Logistic Romania as a long-term partner, with whom we share same business philosophy of performance and who is supporting Carrefour’s omni-channel business model. Our long-term partnership with FM Logistic consists in entrusting  them with a strategic segment of our logistics operations and we are convinced that FM Logistic’s vision and the involvement of its teams in providing high quality services will be confirmed in Romania as well, proving same good collaboration which traditionally exists at Group level, between our companies. Commitment, proactive management and solid logistics expertise are the arguments to go further this partnership, and the ingredients which strengthen Carrefour's leading position in the retail market, offering all consumers fresh and tasty, low-priced products through all Carrefour Group stores in Romania, as well through the online environment," said Bogdan GRIGORESCU, Carrefour Romania Logistics Director. 

Through the operational excellence of 150 dedicated people to perform logistics operations for Carrefour, over 15 million boxes are prepared annually and delivered to 261 Carrefour stores, reaching the final consumer's house.

Logistics operations are performed in 3 shifts/ day, 6 days/ week, according to the highest quality and safety standards, respecting the HACCP system- a food safety management system based on the assessment and prevention of contamination risks.

The retail market, particularly fresh products sector, is a strategic development direction for FM Logistic, whereas innovation and continuous improvement are at the heart of FM Logistic’s operations; most recent projects implemented in Romania in this regard being "voice picking" and „free hands portable”, order preparation through weighing control, HR department solutions to manage activity’s peak periods, thus contributing to the increase of operational productivity, optimization of logistics costs, increase of flexibility and improve service quality. 

"When I joined FM Logistic’s team, I have found a professional working environment, a well-trained team, and last but not least, have found the support we needed to develop our partnership with Carrefour. Slowly, but surely, we have successfully managed to win customer’s trust, through the seriousness proven by the whole team. Working in a fresh warehouse, my activity is intense and with many challenges, precisely in terms of handling the products, as do not bear storage periods longer than one day, "said Catalin GHEORGHE, Customer Manager, responsible for all logistics operations for Carrefour-fresh products division.

About FM Logistic

1967-2017: in 50 years, FM Logistic has become one of the international Supply Chain leaders (warehousing, transport and packing). As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognised as being expert in the consumer goods, distribution, perfume/cosmetics, manufacturing and health markets. 

FM Logistic is present on 3 continents and in 5 business-activity zones (Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America) with over 25 000 staff members and over a billion in revenue, 63 % of which is made internationally. 

The Group is a pioneer in effective solutions for the future of the supply chain, spearheading concepts such as “pooling” (shared management of transport and logistics resources) and Collaborative Routing Centres (multi-client and multi-supplier flow pooling). In partnership with manufacturers, FM Logistic has also developed innovations for the warehouse of tomorrow (AGVs, drones, robots, the utilisation of Big Data…) and supports start-up incubation projects that are inspired by the collaborative economy and applied to warehousing and transport. Being attentive to new consumer patterns, FM Logistic developed CityLogin, the green solution to logistic requirements for the last mile of delivery in Rome, Madrid and Paris, and soon to be in Milan, Warsaw and Moscow.

For its 50th anniversary, FM Logistic has created a corporate foundation. FM Foundation aims to support, accompany and co-build social innovation projects in the fields of integration and childhood, near its current or future locations.

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