Challenges and solutions for drivers in case of an unforeseen road event

Every year, a significant number of accidents happen on the national roads every year, and none of them is ever expected or budgeted. The events we witnessed this summer on the A2 highway that connects Bucharest and Constanta proved again how important it is to be responsible behind the wheel and adapt ourselves to the driving conditions. Unfortunately, the desire to reach our destination as soon as possible is so high that we forget to drive carefully and prevent unfortunate events.  According to ASF's latest 4 reported trimesters, in 2020, over 320.000 RCA claims have been filed. Out of those 48% have not been solved, and 10% of them were solved with regression by Casco policy owners. In addition, the National Institute of Statistics recorded in 2020 a number of 22.836 accidents with injuries.

Whenever someone leaves on holiday or for a business trip by car, no matter how good or big the vehicle is, they must be prepared for any unforeseen event that might occur. It could be a failure of the engine, or an accident caused by a collision. In such situations, a driver always faces some challenges, and we mention two of them: what is the reliable, safe, but also the fast solution to transport the vehicle to the service, and also, how can he continue the journey? Of course, the immediate concern is how much the towing will cost (especially during a long-distance trip) and how soon the replacement car can get to him so that he can continue the journey.

There are more aspects that a driver should keep in mind when thinking about costs. For example, if we talk only about towing the car involved in an accident and ensuring the transport back home, for instance from Constanta to Bucharest, the charge is around 1500 lei. And if the driver wants to continue his journey, the cost for the rental of a compact car for a maximum of 7 days is approximately 1400 lei. So, the total amount for this event will be 2900. This is, of course, on top of the costs directly related to the accident – be it engine failure or collision.

However, there is also a way that significantly reduces the costs involved in an unforeseen road accident and saves drivers time and nerves during a stressful event on the road. For example, with a road assistance subscription, a driver or a company, instead of paying 2900 lei for the towing service and rental of a small car for a maximum of 7 days, would pay only 179 lei per year for a road assistance subscription that includes all those services. Not to mention that the subscription holders are covered for an unlimited number of events and always have priority, which comes in handy, especially during the summer period when finding a rental car can prove to be a challenge. 

When an unforeseen event happens on the road, we understand how necessary it is to have someone helping you to reach the destination safely and with minimum discomfort or delay. In those moments, people need a transparent and prudent partner, which is why we strive to be proactive through all the solutions we are offering. At Autonom Assistance, we offer a mobility services integrator that solves all the issues for drivers and their cars involved in an accident and, on top of it, provides a solution to continue the journey. For companies, we provide custom-tailored fleet services and optimization of the cost. This type of subscription includes towing and transport services, replacement of the driver's car during the repair period, and the possibility of cost settlement for an unlimited number of events during a year.

We believe that drivers must realize that encountering an issue with the car during holidays or during a trip, in general, does not mean the journey must come to an end. As we described above, it is just an unpleasant bump on the road that can be easily managed.

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