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Connect Media is a full-service visual identity and digital marketing agency. We provide a strategy based on step-by-step marketing from brand positioning, brand identity and key visuals, to web content, design, and development, to awareness campaigns and online promotion.

Our agency hosts 7 experts and is brimming with excitement to provide you with every step in your marketing journey:

Brand positioning and identity: what sets you apart from your competitors, what makes you unforgettable for your clients? We can help you find and define it and then distil it into something visually stunning – your logo and slogan.

Website content/design/development: from e-commerce to presentation websites, our team has you covered from the optimized sitemap to personalized content, bespoke web design and then onwards to the final stages of development that bring together the frontend (what the user sees and uses to interact with your brand) and the backend (that part that helps you manage your website).

Social media: from assuring you have social media set up for an entire month by providing you with a calendar for content and visual (be they designed posts or photography with your products), to managing comments, and setting up events – we’ve got this!

Website maintenance: not the most glamorous part of what we do, but this is what keeps your website going at maximum capacity. Updating modules, installing new features (courier delivery, invoicing, etc.) – our developers know how to tighten the nuts and bolts that keep your business living online.

Business presentation: if you need to present your business, you might as well do it in style! Our content-design team will help you extract the best bits and put them in a lovely showcase to wow potential clients or business partners.

Inbound Marketing: Attract. Engage. Delight.How many of your website users and returning visitors? How many of your clients recommend you to others? If the answer is “not enough”, then inbound marketing is the solution you need. Inbound marketing has two very important objectives: attract new clients and turn one-time purchasers into loyal customers.

Our clients say:

“Working with Connect Media is more than a business relationship for us: they are always there for us with creative ideas, fast replies, support and good team management. We’ve gotten to know a cool team that is willing to prove every day that it can do more. Cătălina Ionescu, general manager Inteli PR

“I would say I enjoy the partnership with Connect Media because I know I can rely on you when we either have an operational problem that needs solving or we need to evolve some new business opportunities – you always see it through to the end and never stop until things are done correctly.” Stefan Ecxarcu - General Manager GAM

You can find us online (obviously) or pay us a visit!

Facebook: ConnectMediaDigital.

Instagram: connectmediadigital.

LinkedIn: ConnectMediaDigital

Location-location-location: Doamna Oltea 2, sector 2, Bucharest.

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