Creating your workspace at home to maximize flexibility and mobility

COS HomeWork Program

Team leaders have critical roles to play in helping their team stay engaged and focused. People’s ability to work well together as a team requires their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. In our daily routines, we have learned to fine-tune our surroundings, processes and habits to find our productive balance. Our reality has been strongly disrupted and we need to spark conversations about our needs and how to adjust the individual and teamwork practices to create a new balance.

Working from Home is the new reality. The change has been sudden, in a sustained moment of uncertainty and has disrupted employee routines and support structures. For many, it has posed a lot of challenges. People are faced with adapting to a space that has not been designed for working. They must often share the space at home with other family members. People living alone are not used to being alone all week and need the social interaction.

“Creating the right environment for work activities at home is crucial for work-life balance. This environment is defined by several layers that influence our perception, state of mind and wellbeing.” – Andrei Angelescu, Head of Architecture & Design COS.

Habits aren’t the best whether at work or at home. But, at least at work people are often forced to move from meeting room to meeting room. Even the walk to the cafeteria takes longer at work. So, adopting good habits at home might seem difficult. Specialists suggest to “Move more, move often,” “Sitting is the opposite of moving,” and “Your next posture is your best posture.”

Superior functionality, optimization of limited spaces and options for choice and control are the key levers in creating a home office that enhances flexibility and mobility, boosts performance and shapes wellbeing.

COS HomeWork Program anticipates possible setbacks when working from home and provides customized safe and ergonomic solutions, guiding organizations in shaping a flexible and mobile environment for their employees.

The purpose is to make the whole process easy and the end result – satisfaction.

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