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Data Flow Pipe

Technologies for increasing energy efficiency

The Data Flow Pipe company provides efficient, innovative technologies for increasing energy efficiency, addressed to industrial operators, the residential sector, respectively the public administration.

We are a group of engineers with extensive experience in the industrial sector, who know the requirements of operational efficiency and technological processes.

The focus is on two main directions:

1. Ecological water treatment, because the energy efficiency of the water installation has a major weight in energy consumption. It is technically argued that a deposit of only 1 mm on the walls of the water pipe leads to an increase in energy consumption by about 10%.

Usually, chemical consumables are used for the anti-limescale, anti-corrosion and anti-algae treatment of water, which have considerable costs and require significant intralogistics operations. Associated costs are monthly, with technical staff being a critical component.

The technology we propose is environmentally friendly - it does not require consumables, it does not require energy, it does not require personnel - it practically has zero costs after installation, it is efficient and guaranteed for 7 years.

Another major benefit of using it is that the return on investment is realized in the first year, taking into account that it protects all the equipment associated with the water installation.

So zero costs after installation, return on investment in the first year, no consumables.

Potential clients - industrial sector (automotive, food, aluminum, industrial operator, etc.), residential, hotel, municipal.

Existing references: automotive, food, dairies, aluminum, fiber optic cables, hotels.

2. Detailed monitoring of utility consumption (energy, water, gas, steam)

To optimize utility consumption and reduce waste intelligently, it is critical to measure utility consumption on a per-equipment basis and across the entire operational flow.

We have developed an IoT platform that integrates specific measurement sensors (energy, water, gas, steam), even pressure/flow/emissions sensors, in order to know consumption in real time. This information, processed according to proprietary algorithms, contributes to efficient decision-making.

Another major benefit of using technology is that, based on consumption, predictions can be made on the functioning of the motorized equipment in nominal parameters, respectively the associated maintenance costs.

References: water company, public administration, industrial and residential sector, office building.

As a conclusion, any type of industrial/residential/municipal consumer can use our technologies, with the major benefits of lower operating/management costs, compliance with current environmental requirements and increased energy efficiency.

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