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Deltatel was founded as a company specialized in providing services that enable operators, large companies, and public institutions to offer voice, data, and video communication solutions to end-users.

Ever since its founding in 2003, with a will of constantly evolving, and a clear mission to offer the highest standard of outcome quality in the field of IT&C, 17 years later it became one of the most important
telecommunications solutions providers in South-Eastern Europe.

On the account of receiving several accreditations and awards over the years, Deltatel grew into one of the most stable companies in its domain.

It was and is, present with projects in over 70 countries around the world creating a name for itself on an international level as well as strengthening the national one.

With the determination of continuous change and establishing itself as a key player for the ever-changing demands in the IT&C field, Deltatel has gradually added in its portfolio, divisions in domains such as I.O.T& Smart Solutions (Internet Of Things), Global Support (multivendor services, back-office and front-office support) Software Services& Development and Training Centre.

Phone: 0256 270 425

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