EEA and Norway Grants Fund - The first call for projects!

The first call for projects within the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation (2014-2021) has been launched.

Within the call “Common Challenges – Shared Solutions” are eligible regional cross-border cooperation projects and transnational cooperation projects ideas focusing on measures like:

  • knowledge-sharing,
  • exchange of good practice
  • capacity building, within all priority areas:

-Innovation, Research, Education and Competitiveness;

-Social Inclusion, Youth Employment and Poverty Reduction;

-Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy;

-Culture, Civil Society, Good Governance, and Fundamental  Rights and Freedoms;

-Justice and Home Affairs.

Total allocation:

  • 31,89 mil euro, out of which, for the current call: 15 mil euro


  • Minimum > 1 mil. euro.

With a non-reimbursable financing of:

  • up to 90% for NGOs, Universities and research Organisations:;
  • up to 85% for other entities (e.g.: companies);
  • up to 100% for any expertise partners from the Donor States.

Who can apply?

  • Companies and cooperatives;  
  • Civil society organisations, social enterprises, non-profit organisations and foundations;
  • Public and private education and research organisations;
  • Social partners;
  • Municipalities, regions and state level entities.

*Project shall be submitted by a consortium composed of entities from at least three countries, including at least two Beneficiary States.

Eligible expenditures:

  • Cost of staff;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Costs of consumables and supplies;
  • Cost of equipment;
  • Services costs;
  • Indirect costs (15% flat rate);
  • Non-recoverable value added tax etc.

Deadline for concept notes submission: 01.07.2018

The guideline can be downloaded from here.

To be updated with the latest news regarding financing opportunities please visit our web page regularly or Facebook.

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