Emmanuel MOREL, European Investment Bank (BEI)

During more than 15 years Emmanuel Morel acted as International Expert in Project/Contract Management and Public Procurement with successful experience of multicultural and multidisciplinary teams in the sector of environmental infrastructures (Water, Waste). He now advises central and local public authorities for improvement of their organisation and for improvement of collaboration between private and public sectors.

The competences of Emmanuel Morel are based on his experience as a public servant (Water Agency 2000-2004), as an independent consultant (2006-2013) or as a team member in engineering companies or a construction company (1995-1998). 

Now Emmanuel Morel works in the advisory department of the EIB in charge of the support to the Romanian Authorities in implementing EU funded projects through the following activities: 

Advise on management and mitigation of risk related to works and services contracts on infrastructure projects

Analyse and advise on internal control procedures within Contracting Authorities

Advise on capacity building in central and local public institutions

Advise on financial, technical and administrative management of EU funded projects

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