Global Vision unveils new brand identity reflecting the company's 18-year evolution and commitment

19th December 2022, Bucharest

Global Vision unveils new brand identity, including new logo and website, which align with the company`s current position on the market, and spotlight the expansion during the past 18 years on Romanian market with development experience and interests at CEE level.

The new branding also reflects the commitment to build sustainable real estate across all sectors and at any scale, to support setting up strong business communities. Global Vision`s strategy is now focused on a more agile and flexible approach covering the complete array of real estate services – construction, development, and asset management. 

“We set out to bring Global Vision's philosophy and business values closer to our customers and partners through a redesigned visual identity and business tools. Over these 18 years, we have consistently received appreciation and recognition for the important contribution our company has made in at least two directions of economic development. The first direction is the modernization of the production, logistics and office sector, through more than half a million square meters developed, built, and delivered to hundreds of key companies around the world, in 8 major cities in Romania. The second direction is attracting investments and investors in large-scale strategic projects created to ensure the sustainable development of various economic regions. In this regard, Constanța Business Park or Timișoara Industrial Park projects, as well as our partnership with Globalworth are relevant examples” says Sorin Preda, CEO & Founder Global Vision

The company`s vision is improving the life and support the growth of local communities by investing in sustainable real estate projects.

As developer, Global Vision plans to invest in resourceful locations that offer versatile potential for development, with good access ways, or where upcoming infrastructure projects are to be delivered in the near future, thus propelling the sites and opening the area for durable growth.

“As a local based developer and investor, we’re rooted in the local business and economic environment and we will continue to remain so, we understand the potential this market has to offer and we’re committed to discover most of it, invest in infrastructure improvement, transportation, and energy diversification as well as local labor and personnel. Wherever we do business, we partner with the local community to help strengthen the local economy and culture. We feel well-prepared to enter any turbulent environment by how we manage our business. We have a strong balance sheet, and an unique client oriented portfolio that attracts a diverse customer base. This is ultimately why we felt the necessity to bring a more personal touch and stronger identity of our brand”, added Serban Juverdeanu, Head of Development Global Vision

Global Vision is a Romanian company, founded 18 years ago, which provides development, design, project management and construction services, real estate project management owned by private and institutional investors in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe.

The company has developed and built over 1,700,000 sqm and manages approximately 800,000 sqm within the property & facility management division. In 2022, Global Vision delivered over 100,000 square meters of industrial and logistics spaces, in Bucharest and across the country, in strategic locations, well-connected by road and rail, as well as by air and sea.

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