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It sometimes happens that inspiration visits us even during the training sessions that take place in HR School Romania. In fact, I believe that inspiration comes to reward us precisely because we work together, because we put ideas on the table in a collaborative and well-intentioned way so that we can learn and grow for ourselves and our organizations. It does not need a calm, relaxed, daydreaming environment for the muse to arrive and offer us generously from its overflow. During debates, personal reflections, contributions from special guests, innovative ideas occur, which then, through synthesis, become a concept. This is what happened recently in a learning session in #HR School Romania where we were discussing what is like to be a good HR Manager.

So, our recent contribution to the progress of HR profession can be shortly described like this:

Optimum HR = HR Business Partnering + HR People Partnering

But what does Optimum HR mean in HR School Romania?

It all started from watching a video in which a credible business leader explained to us as participants what it means for him to correlate the HR strategy with the business strategy. His opinion, and I really appreciated it is, in short, that:

  1. HR strategy is derived from business strategy. At the same time, the HR strategy supports the business strategy for its successful implementation.
  2. HR strategy connects people with the organization.
  3. The successful HR strategy includes the following elements: Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. In the latter category, the presenter included: Performance Management, Talent Reward, Talent Development and Talent Engagement. The video sequence being in English and the term used to be "talent", we assumed, however, that it refers to all employees of the company and not just employees considered "talented" in the organization.

Equipping the HR specialist with the above, we called it, HR Business Partnering. That is, an HR who understands the business (principles, value chain, products and services, customers) and can effectively support the organization to achieve its business objectives. In other words, an organization where all employees meet the goals for which they were hired!

We perfectly understood the point of view of the contributor from the video sequence and we are grateful to him for lifting to us a match ball to the net. I mean, we understood all that he said until it seemed to us that something was missing in the picture.

We were asking ourselves where the other components we have been dealing with in HR for some time are: induction and integration (Onboarding), succession planning in key positions (Succession Planning), career planning (Career Planning), employee benefits (Employee Benefits) , the well-being of the organization (Organizational Health), the relationship with employees (Employee Relations), the promotion of the employer in the labor market (Employer Branding), learning and development (Learning and Development) and the newer and more sophisticated: the happy organization (Happy organization), emotional well-being of the organization (Wellbeing), emotional culture in the organization (Emotional culture).

We understood then that we stepped for some time in an era of awareness that the PERSON that powers the professional is as important as his professional performance. We understood that to be employed means to be respected, appreciated, and valued as a key element and that without the human being and his dedication, the performance of the organization would certainly be below the level that any business owner wants. And this is in the middle of the technological revolution that brings us to the office, ‘colleagues’ that we call "Artificial Intelligence".

This second component of HR's contribution to the organization, we called HR People Partnering. That is the role in which central is the concern for the PERSON behind the professional to be well, to be satisfied, to work with love and to want to remain in the employing organization, in the turbulent times when the war for talents is fierce. And to be complete, we call this organization in which we can practice Optimum HR, the “Destination Organization” (the organization where if one works, one wants to be retained).


  1. One day, and sooner than later, Optimum HR will differentiate organizations.
  2. Optimum HR is already possible. We do not say it is easy to put it in practice,  but we say for sure it is possible! 


Anca Covaciu

Founder of HR School Romania

Managing Partner Leadership Focus 

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