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The Kangen experience starts with the first glass of water drunk in the morning after waking up.

With the properties of Antioxidation, Microstructure, Alkalinity and rich in Active Hydrogen to which we add a pleasant and fresh taste of a mountain spring - Kangen Water prepares our body for a day full of energy.


KANGEN EUROPA SRL - is an independent distributor for the Japanese company Enagic.

With a team of more than 30 active members we distribute Kangen water ionizers in several European countries, UK, USA, Canada and Republic of Moldova.

In over 48 years of Enagic's existence - Kangen water has earned a reputation as one of the best waters we can drink. It is recommended and consumed by important personalities in the world, from famous doctors such as Hiromi Shinya to top athletes or stars from cinema or television.


Kangen machines filter and then, through electrolysis, transform tap water into several types of water with different pH and properties:

- CLEAN WATER pH 7.0 - for preparing baby formula or for administering medicines

- BEAUTY WATER pH 6.0 - similar to micellar water we use for skin care - the astringent properties of this water are effective in toning and firming the skin. We can also use it for hair care, for cleaning wooden floors or ceramic tiles, polishing windows and mirrors or for animal care.

- SUPERACID WATER pH 2.5 - we can use it to sanitize hands, toothbrushes or use it as mouthwash. We can sterilize everything from kitchen crockery to toilets and other heavily used household areas to prevent cross-contamination.

- SUPERALKALINE WATER pH 11.5 - we use it to remove pesticides and other chemicals from fruit and vegetables, to restore their natural garden taste and antioxidant properties. We can also use it to remove stains, to degrease surfaces or to replace laundry detergent.

- KANGEN WATER pH 8,5 - 9,0 - 9,5 - is perfect for drinking and cooking in a healthy way. We also use it to brew coffees and teas or for plant care.

Kangen water enjoys several properties:

- It is ANTIOXIDANT - reduces oxidative stress and the damage associated with it.

- It is ALKALINE - it helps restore the acid-base balance in the body. The main function of Kangen water is to provide bicarbonates in the body to neutralize acids and slow down the premature aging process.

- It is MICROSTRUCTURED - Kangen water is easier for the body to assimilate providing superior hydration and absorption due to the micro-clusters which have between 4-6 molecules.

- It is rich in MOLECULAR HYDROGEN - numerous clinical reports and scientific experiments have clearly demonstrated that this water contains molecular hydrogen and is a therapeutic agent.


Whether at home or in the office, for your family, clients or employees - Kangen water:

- provides increased energy

- contains an optimal amount of minerals

- brings the body into a state of balance

- improves general health and quality of life

- deeply hydrates

- cleanses food and makes food and drinks taste better.

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