Leaua & Asociatii expands and becomes LEAUA DAMCALI DEACONU PAUNESCU – LDDP

Bucharest, 4 September 2018: After consecutive years of growth and with a proficient team of lawyers, Leaua & Asociatii expands and becomes LEAUA DAMCALI DEACONU PAUNESCU – LDDP.

Crenguța Leaua, founder of Leaua & Asociatii, Managing Partner LEAUA DAMCALI DEACONU PAUNESCU – LDDP, declares:

“For over 13 years we have been a reference for trust and professionalism on the legal services market, a time during which over 10,000 clients benefitted from the legal services of our team and over 100 lawyers built their careers alongside us. The expansion marks a new phase, adding a new dimension to our specialization in international dispute resolution and international transactions. Thanks to our track record in the previous years we managed to enter the top of the most valuable law firms specializing in international arbitration (GAR 100) and now we are consolidating our presence in the field of international transactions as well, by welcoming to the firm two new partners, each with an exceptional professional record.

Răzvan Ioan Păunescu brings to LEAUA DAMCALI DEACONU PAUNESCU – LDDP his unique expertise in international business and law. He will secure the development of the international transactions department.   

Ana-Irina Șarcane, with her over 20-years’ ample experience in business restructuring and insolvency, completes the top skills which LEAUA DAMCALI DEACONU PAUNESCU – LDDP extends to companies looking to successfully implement restructuring and performance improvement processes.

I am grateful to both of them for joining the team and for their commitment to contribute to the achievement of our development objectives.

Not lastly, the new name of the firm marks the due appreciation to the other two managing partners, Aurora Damcali and Ștefan Deaconu, for whose professional commitment and outstanding contribution to the continuous development of the firm in the previous years I am grateful.”

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