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MARe/Museum of Recent Art

MARe/Museum of Recent Art Bucharest opened in October 2018. It is the first private art museum established in Romania in the past 110 years, in a brand new building, with state of the art museum equipment, facilities, programs and staff. Unique among local museums, MARe has a premium restaurant on his ground level, operated by the successful brand Beans&Dots. It also has a gift-shop, where memorabilia produced by Romanian artists and designers are available. On the 3rd floor, an open access art library is available to the visitors.

Even before the official opening of the museum, the MARe Foundation has published a dozen of research catalogs and organized exhibitions with works from its collection in museums across Romania, from the National Museum of Art in Bucharest to Brukenthal Museum in Hermannstadt/Sibiu, and from Craiova Art Museum to Constanta and Oradea Art museums. MARe lent works from its collection to Romanian and European museums, from Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, the ICC in Krakow, Poland, Pecs Art Museum in Hungary, and Olomouc Art Museum in the Czech Republic.

MARe has:

  • 1240 sqm, on 5 levels
  • An interior capacity of 500 people simultaneously, plus 200 in the garden and terraces.
  • Over 45 000 visitors from October 2018.
  • 21 temporary exhibition from 2018 until now, plus the Permanent collection.
  • 9 art catalogs published in Romanian and English. Plus a series of temporary exhibitions in collaboration with prominent national museums like MNAR (the National Museum of Art),  Craiova Museum of Art, Constanța Museum of Art etc., all the exhibitions accompanied by bilingual, research catalogs.
  • 887 children participated in 2021 to the courses and the workshops of the educational department of MARe.


MARe is an active participant in conceiving and contributing to national and international exhibitions, symposia, and art history publications. Inaugurated in 2018, the MARe building is a 5-levels museum, open all year long, 6 days per week, from 11.00 AM to 19.00 PM. The focus of its permanent collection is on Romanian art after 1960, when the local Communist authorities officially rejected the Soviet-based Socialist-realism as a compulsory propaganda dogma, and replaced it with a more liberal demand of "stylistic diversity".

The permanent collection of MARe is nation-wide the only permanent museum collection dedicated to post-war Romanian art. It unfolds until today, mapping how diversity emerged and challenged the succeeding regimes, the social and power structures and the subsequent changes of mind frames and visual cultures. MARe shows its permanent collection of 120 works on two levels of the museum. Collective, thematic temporary shows dedicated to current Romanian art issues are deployed on the other two levels.

In the three inter-levels around the central atrium of the museum, a series of compact, temporary solo exhibitions dedicated to prominent international artists are regularly displayed. MARe introduces to the local public prominent, outstanding international artists, who changed the way art today is produced, shown and understood. The series started already in October 2018, with MEN, by Jeff Wall, followed in 2019 by Martin Creed, Thinking/Not Thinking, Thomas Ruff, Photophilia, and Marcia Hafif, Pigment as Shape. 2020 started with Gregor Schneider, Dead Rooms, followed by Tino Sehgal, Untitled Exchange, Hermann Nitsch, Rituals, and VALIE EXPORT, Import. In 2021, MARe showed Gert&Uwe Tobias, Concordia Discors, Matt Mullican, A Chart between 5 Worlds, Heimo Zobernig, Spirit Fuck Painting. From December 2021 MARe is exhibiting Thomas Demand, Refuge, until March 2022.

In funding these exhibitions MARe relies on partnerships with Goethe Institut (the internationally active cultural institution sponsored by the German government), Austrian Kulturforum (its Austrian counterpart), or Terra Foundation for American Art. Alongside them, the group shows with Romanian artists are generously sponsored by various local and international companies and corporations.


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