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Who is pastel Association?

Our Association is the answer for a prevailing need: making a habit out of doing good deeds. It begun in 2018 as an internal program ran at pastel, a Romanian integrated advertising agency. With this program, all members of the team have pleaded to perform a good deed every month. Why every month? Because we’re all drops of help in an ocean of problems. There’s always going to be someone who needs help and someone else who can and is willing to offer that help. Pastel Association intends to find these two parties and get them together.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and help people and companies to perform good deeds habitually We want to be the place where any person inclined to get involved finds the right cause.

We want to bridge the gap between shortcomings and the will to become a better person.

Actively. Every month.

We want to build a world where all people and all companies have the habit of performing good deeds. A meaningful routine that delivers help to those who need it on a regular basis. We see good as a practice we all need to have if we are to create the society we want to live in.


Our mission continues - we are in the third year of projects and we have big plans for 2024 - in January we will equip the physical therapy room of the Children's Balneoclimatic Sanatorium in Bușteni to improve the medical recovery services offered to children with locomotor disabilities. In Romania, there are approximately 1.5 million people with physical disabilities, of which 100,000 are children who need medical rehabilitation services. The average cost of a treatment is 1,000 euros and 70% of children do not have access to the services they need.

February will be about the love for life. We are going to organize a blood donation through which we want to save 500 lives. We want to build a lifesaving bridge between the sick and those who want to make a deeply human gesture by donating blood. A person can save, on average, 3 lives every time they donating blood! In February, the month of self-love, relationships with family and loved ones, we support this cause by organizing a blood donation campaign. For three days, February 20th-22th, we celebrate love through such a noble gesture for us, but which for those in need can mean a chance at life.


At the beginning of spring, we will offer 400 bicycles to children from vulnerable environments who have to walk kilometers to school - 14% of children from rural areas do not have access to transport.


In April, we will implement for the fourth time the project "Playhouse for inclusion" - we will provide a therapeutic and safe environment for children with conditions, where they can develop through play and social interaction. Children with intellectual, locomotor, Langdon Down syndrome and other

related impairments need interactive educational materials, proven to be the most effective in helping them understand the world more easily.


In May, we will refresh a green area in Bucharest or Ilfov, polluted by waste.

The month of June will be dedicated to children - we will take, in 2024, at least 15 children from disadvantaged backgrounds, who did not have the opportunity to enjoy the waves of the sea and the wet sand. The project gives children the opportunity to discover the world, experience new activities and learn things about themselves. Moreover, the project also has an educational side, because the little ones learn about the importance of a clean and healthy environment through the activities sanitation organized for them.


In July, we will sanitize a mountain trail because in 2022, approximately 2 million tons of household waste were produced in Romania.* In the case of mountain trails, the waste thrown by tourists represents a major problem, because it can be mistaken for food to animals, which can lead to their death.


The "Future with good eyes 3.0" project will take place in August, during which we will consult optometrists, for the third time, at least 40 children from underprivileged backgrounds and we will offer them, free of charge, the glasses they need. The need for glasses is at the bottom of the priorities for most parents in disadvantaged areas, who are concerned with the care of tomorrow and who barely manage to put money aside for clothes and shoes for their little ones.


The month of September is dedicated to our "back to school" project - STARTedu 3.0. We will turn our attention to a vulnerable or isolated community in the country and there we will provide children with at least 50 kits complete with materials and supplies, enough for a year.


The project "Cheering Seniors 3.0." is our good deed dedicated to seniors who face an extreme degree of loneliness, have poor physical and mental health. For them we will organize an unforgettable day, for the third year in a row - it will be a day full of stories, with shows and activities that they will remember with joy.


In November, we are carrying out the "PROcareer" project - we will purchase materials for the practical laboratory of a Technological High School in Prahova county. A big challenge for the agricultural high school in Valea Călugareasca is equipping the environmental protection laboratory, which serves approx. 80% of high school students studying agriculture and other related industries (food and veterinary). In total, about 550 students.


In December, we are running the "Giving for Amara" project for the 11th year. The community of children from the village of Amara, Buzău county, built around the Day Centre. There, and only there, children between the ages of 6 and 14 gather to do homework, play and, most importantly, get a hot meal a day. There we will give the 80 children boxes full of food, toys, sweets, meat, games and much, much more.

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