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PSM Grup

We are a specialized organization in professional services for industry, with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and rapidity: electrical installation projects, installings, removals and relocations of production equipment and factories.

PSM Grup begins its history in 1996, it is located in the PLOIEŞTI INDUSTRIAL PARK, being formed by 3 commercial companies with Romanian private capitals.

The related activities to those performed at our partner’s site are carried out in a building composed of land with a concrete platform of 6,850sqm and over 1,000 sqm of hall (~ 800 sqm production hall and 200 sqm offices)

The group has built a reputation through the quality of the services provided to its clients, local and multinational companies, in Romania or abroad :

- installations, moving, layout reconfiguration or industrial relocations for equipment, production lines or factories, including the execution of equipment connection to utilities (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic) up to the stage of PIF- COMMISSIONING. We have the knowledge and the necessary experience to understand this type of project in all its complexity and we treat it with a lot of seriousness and professionalism -;

- design, execution and maintenance of low and medium voltage electrical installations, assembly and service activities in Ex environments -;

- complete professional services of Electrosecurity (PRAM and PAT testing); internal authorization of electricians -;

- thermal vision for the panels and electrical installations of the production facilities, with certified First Degree engineers, internationally recognized certification by the insurance and reinsurance companies;

- energy efficiency audit by analyzing the quality of electricity;

- sale from our own stock of materials, equipment for electrical installations and automations necessary for the industry -


We are different through the way we focus on flexibility, efficiency and speed based on experience and equipment.

Our vision is simple - we offer our clients PRODUCTION TIME - we support them in the effort of having a minimum production downtime.

How do we do this?

  1. Through the project-management team composed of 7 dedicated engineers (of which 4 ANRE certified), through the skills and know-how of the teams, the high degree of training and dedication of the people (half of the team is over 12 years old in the group).
  2. Through our own stock of related materials, on request with intant access.

Our motto is:



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