Recognised artists with great souls are opening the doors to support over 6000 sick persons without means of living

Ștefan Câlția, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Horațiu Mălăele, Milița Petrașcu, Horea Paștina, Marin Gherasim, Ion Iancuț, Gheorghe Dican, Felix Aftene, Florin Petrachi, Dumitru Macovei, Decebal Dițulescu, Ion Anghel, Dana și Stephan Maitec, Omid Ghannadi, Bogdan Lascar, Mihai Popescu, Marie Nouvelle, Alin Gălățescu& Aleha Toncea, Ana Andronic, Bogdana Daradici, are some of the artists that donated from their works or even created a unique object of art especially for the charitable auction “ A world with open doors” organized by Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria at the Gala “ From the Heart to the Future”, the 10th anniversary   edition.  

The event will take place Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 18:00 at Flavors in The Garden | Diplomatic Club.

This year’s charitable auction “A World with Open Doors” organized during the Gala “From the Heart to the Future” will have as objective the raising of the necessary amount for the purchase of a professional ultrasound machine that will investigate over 6000 patients without income or with very low income, offering them the chance to recovery and a decent life.  

The Gala “From the Heart to the Future” represents the main event of the year for fund raising, with witch the Foundation succeds to continue its activity and, at the same time, unites in a pleasant setting, full of emotion, the medical and business community, launching an appeal to humanity and involment. Well known companies have already announced their support by becoming sponsors of the Gala. The charitable auction ”A World with Open Doors”  to be organised together with the the auction house Vikart.

Many times the patients from the centers of the Foundation tell us that before arriving to us, many doors were shut in the their face. Many hopes were shattered, and the lack of possibility to access medical services or the help in the educational area represented an important barrier in the already complicated life of these people. For them we keep always the doors open to our centers, we look constantly for solutions to the problems they are facing, we make time to listen to them and to give them chances for a better future, to hope and dignity. “, declares Cristiana Mateoiu, Executive Director of Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria. 

During the Gala will be auctioned 10 doors, transformed by the artistis in works of art. These “symbol- Doors” can decorate in an elegant manner a room,a garden or an office lounge and not only, but more, will inspire and remind us to open the doors and the hearts of those less fortunate then us. Aside from them will be auctioned a gate of an indian palace donated by Exotique and over 20 works of art of renowned artists that wanted to join the initiative of the Foundation, donnating therefore time and talent to immortalise this pure thought of helping your fellows.

The artists that participate at this charitable event can be visualised at the Foundation’s site, and the work of arts will be available to be visualised and to present offers for pre-auction starting September 1st on the website and application   

The charitable auction will take place on the night of the Gala “From the Heart to the Future”, on September 16th. The event will take place in the hall but also online and the application Vikart or the site . The auction will be transmited live on the site and the application Vikart as well as the facebook pages of Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria, Medichub, and Auction House Vikart.

“ For us it is a joy and an honour to be partners in the wonderful project. We think that the period  we are living should bring out the humanity in us, to make us better and more careful to the needs of those around us. We entered with open heart in this project of Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria and we are eager to open, together, doors during the charitable auction”, declares  Luciana Stanciu, manager VIKART.

The companies that desire to join the Gala “From the Heart to the Future” can make it through a sponsorship package, and those that love art and good deeds can participate by reserving seats for the night of the Gala, on the page


We thank the partners and the sponsors of the event:

Sponsor ROYAL: Romanian Business Consult

Sponsor PLATINUM: Unicredit Bank

Sponsori GOLD: Nepi Rockcastle, Kultho

Sponsori SILVER: UiPath, Banca Comercială Română, Sarkkrom

Sponsori BRONZE: Ariston, Agricover, Banca Transilvania, Beautik, Catena, EOS KSI, MedicHub, MediaMed, Synevo, Schneider Electric,Pfizer, Carpatina, Bravo Europa, Fundatia Vodafone

Parteneri ORGANIZARE: Casa de Licitații VikArt, MedicHub, Fundația „Be Different”

 Parteneri media: Agerpres


Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria is an NGO that offers for 10 yeras a large variety of free medical services to the persons without income and medical insurance through the 2 social clinics in Bucharest and who cares and educate a number of 200 children from disadvantaged families in the three educational centers of the Foundation (Clinceni, Baneasa and Corbeanca). Fundatia Inovatii Sociale Regina Maria is the philantropic initiative of Dr. Wargha and Mitra Enayati and is part of the ENAYATI Group.

The Auction House Vikart is the newest Auction House in Romania. Casa de Licitații Vikart este cea mai nouă Casă de Licitații din România. Founded in 2019 it is owned by a young family of collectors with tradition. Concentrating especially on the defining esthetic movements defining of the last and present century, Vikart stands out as a dinamic auction house in promoting and supporting the contemporary art and artists. Shortly, Vikart became the destination of the national and international collectors to buy and sell important works of arts, design, jewleries, watches and different objects of collection.

For more details, Ramona Popa/ Marketing & Communication Manager / Fundația Inovații Sociale – 0752 14 55 4

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