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20 Years of Relevance: driven by passion for data

In 2004, we set out to bring innovation in data work to Romania, aiming to assist entrepreneurship and the business environment in better understanding their context and making profitable decisions. Throughout our partnership with Qlik, a revolutionary Business Intelligence (BI) platform utilizing an associative analytics engine, we began developing solutions that allowed for the free exploration of data in any direction, thereby uncovering hidden perspectives and opportunities overlooked by traditional systems.

Throughout our 20 years of existence and numerous successfully implemented projects, we have never stopped our desire to innovate. We approached projects in partnership with clients, providing both consultancy and specific recommendations for best practices in the data field tailored to the development stage of organizations, as well as advanced Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, or custom application development solutions.

At Relevance, we create appropriate contexts based on relevant data. Thanks to our technology partners such as Qlik, Microsoft, DataStax, Elastic, K4 Analytics, as well as solutions developed in-house by our team, we can accompany companies throughout their digitalization journey, dedicating time and resources to deeply understanding the needs and specific challenges of each process within the company.

Ultimately, companies can conduct detailed business analyses, provide accessible managerial reports, enabling decision-makers to act quickly and knowledgeably. A data-driven strategy means analytical information for CEOs, managers, and employees, supporting them in making optimal decisions and developing business strategies to drive revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantages.

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