Sebastian Moldovan Exhibition at EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS

Date, time and place: 12 October 2017 / 19h00 / 50 Plantelor Street, Bucharest

The contemporary art gallery EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS is showcasing, starting 12 October until year end, the personal exhibition of Sebastian Moldovan. Deployed over the two floors of the gallery, the exhibition will gather the latest site-specific installations of Sebastian Moldovan, an artist who mixes most often video, photography, drawing and installation.

Born in 1982, in Baia Mare, Sebastian Moldovan graduated Art and Design Faculty in Cluj-Napoca, Sculpture department. Starting 2004, he has showcased his works in personal and group exhibitions, in galleries and museums in Romania and abroad (Galerie Jan Dhaese, Gent, Belgium; Venice Biennale, Italy; Guangdong Times Museum, China; Ossage Gallery Foundation, Hong-Kong; Haifa Biennale, Israel etc.). So far, at EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS the artist exhibited "and you never know what’s /off/“ in 2015.

I have got to know very well the extremely simple rural life since early childhood and I have developed a genuine appreciation for meaningful things and a real curiosity for everything else. I have never had only one passion, I have always embraced various interests. I am aware of and I have used in my research the intertwining relations of these passions. I have felt the need to bring forward what is not visible and perceptible, to name things that do not exist yet. I have never hesitated to permanently auto-question myself, in my quest for the truth. I am convinced that logic and intuition are a set of infallible tools. My artistic existence is material and pure contextual at times, which means the direction of my works could change many times, often dramatically”, confesses the artist.

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