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Techsylvania 2020: Shaping the Future

The seventh edition of Techsylvania aims to shape the future, together with representatives of Adobe, UiPath and Forbes

Techsylvania is one of the largest technology events in Romania and among the most important in Eastern Europe, always being on the agenda of those who want to be one step ahead of trends and enrich their product, technology or business knowledge from leaders in the field. Although the current context does not allow events to take place as in the past, Techsylvania organizers have found the ideal solution to preserve its magnitude: migrating to a virtual space that includes custom segments for all its components.

In 2020, Techsylvania adapts to the new world reality and continues to bring innovators from the world of technology and business in a new format: online. Companies like Adobe,
Union Square Ventures, UiPath or Forbes will have prominent representatives present as speakers at this event. All components of the event will continue to take place, in digital format, between September 22-23.

What makes up the Techsylvania experience?

  • The founder of the first unicorn startup in Romania and some of the best known international investors will be present on the virtual stage.

Daniel Dineș, co-founder and CEO of the renowned company UiPath, together with Alex Konrad, Senior Editor at Forbes Magazine, will discuss, for the first time, at Techsylvania about entrepreneurship, technology and the art of adapting to the major changes that come with this road in business.

Also, technology pioneers will join: Albert Wenger, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures and one of the investors who founded large companies such as Etsy or Twitter; Reshma Sohoni, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Seedcamp, a company whose portfolio includes over 300 successful names, including Revolut, Transferwise or UiPath; Christopher Leacock, also known as Jillionaire, a former member of Major Lazer and an active tech star in the music world, or Prince Constantine of the Netherlands, a representative of Techleap, which is heavily involved in accelerating the country's technological ecosystem - are just a few the professionals who will reveal the secrets of their career during this event.

  • Business connections, workshops or € 75,000 prizes for startups make up the Techsylvania experience

The Techsylvania core is represented by the conference, which brings over 50 inspirational representatives from all over the world, but the event experience is complemented by many other components.

Techsylvania is also a space dedicated to the latest technologies and innovations, which will be present this year in the Startup Alley or Startup Avalanche, where the award rises to
an investment of € 75,000, granted with the support of partners RocaX and Fortech. Those with avant-garde ideas have the chance to compete with other important representatives or to present their projects in front of the audience of the event, composed of over 4,000 curious people.

  • The satellite events continue in the 2020 edition

This year, the satellite events will also adapt to the current situation, and will take place both online and in physical locations that allow them to take place in compliance with all applicable rules. Between September 20-25, these events will make up a technology and business circuit in Cluj-Napoca and online.

Early Bird Tickets

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