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ViitorPlus is an Romanian NGO developing since 2006 social entrepreneurship, environmental education, volunteering and environmental infrastructure programs. We are constantly seeking partners for supporting our work:

  • public collaboration for scaling up our programs in other cities and regions,
  • private sponsorship for one of our programs based on The Sponsorship Law,
  • purchasing social and green products and services from our enterprises,
  • donations from employees (3,5%, direct debit).


ViitorPlus programs:

  • Adopt a tree! is an program in Romania to create new forests which otherwise would not exist.
  • EcOprovocarea is an extra-curricular educational program for environmental protection and personal development of students in Romania.
  • Atelierul de Pânză is a social enterprise, a protected unit, that guarantees that at least 30% of employees are people with disabilities.
  • RECICLETA is a green enterprise that offers a transport service for picking up the recyclable materials especially from companies.
  • Harta Reciclării is a national interactive platform for citizens to look, find, add collection points for different recyclable materials.
  • BiroulECO is a consultancy program for companies to reduce their environmental impact mainly through sustainable waste management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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